Needle Felted Brown Monkey

Wonderful Needle Felted Critters by Abby Killman of Canada

Needle Felted Brown and White Rabbit

These splendid creatures were needle felted by Abby Killman of Ontario, Canada!
Abby wins a $25 Gift Certificate to Living Felt!

Needle Felted Tan Bear

She needle felted them using New Zealand Corriedale African Safari, Pilgrim’s Harvest, Cupcake,
Living Felt MC-1  Cotton White, and Living Felt CW-1 Core Wool.

Needle Felted Brown Monkey

They all have the best faces and are really well felted! We love that the wire in the bunny’s ears makes them able to move! The ears are adorable too! The monkey has the best face, mischievous. 🙂

Thank you for sharing your adorable creatures with us, Abby!

Needle Felted Bunny by Lisa Schmidt

A few weeks ago in our Felting Friend’s newsletter we shared Lisa Schmidt’s first needle felt emulating a real animal — and it was a truly fabulous squirrel.

Well this little bunny is her latest, and he is stealing hearts and racking up bids on ebay as we type! Lisa shared this on facebook,you can grab a link to her auction there.


Lisa is a wonderful example of an artist who is gaining greater and greater control of the medium. Her felt creations up to this point have been truly adorable bears such as the darling Dancing Felted Bear shown here.


As an artist, she has now expanded and is using the skills she has learned and techniques she has discovered to head into new territory for herself, and her outcomes are truly beautiful!


Needle Felting: Adorable First Needle Felted Bear by Kiersten Marie

We love this needle felted bear by Kiersten Marie…this is her very first bear and was made with the Living Felt Needle Felting a Bear Kit. Now that she has some basic skills learned….we can only wait to see what she will felt up next!


“Hi!  I wanted to send in my photo of the bear I made with the “Needle Felting Bear with String Joints” kit. I was very pleased with him as my first attempt at needle felting. I have since made a few more of my own creations.

Thanks so much for helping me to begin my needle felting hobby!”

Sincerely, Kiersten Marie

First Time Needle Felting – Angel Bear from Bear Kit! ~ Tara Colna

Needle Felted Bear

Needle Felted Bear

This winged cutie-pie was needle felted by Tara Colna of Glassboro, NJ. I love the addition of the wings and heart! What a sweet idea.  Keep on felting! Can’t wait to see what you’ll make next!

“I just wanted to share my 1st creation ever needle felt creation, I made using your bear kit. It was so very easy to work with and I had a lot of fun making him.  Thanks so much”

Tara Colna ~ Glassboro, NJ


Darling Bear "Ralph" is Felter's First Project! ~ Dana Kwak

Needle Felted Bear

Needle Felted Bear

This little cutie pie was needle felted by Dana Kwak in Calgary for her new born baby boy. I am sure they are an adorable pair! I know you’ll be busy, Dana, but we do hope to see more of your creations soon!

“I have just finished my first needle felting creation!! 🙂 I bought one of your bear kits and really enjoyed making this little guy (I named him Ralph). Your instructions are great – so easy to follow. It’s so addictive! (although it took me a while to finish him as I had to juggle needle felting time with my new baby… Ralph is for him) 🙂 I’m so excited about starting another needle felting project… I am already creating characters in my mind and can’t wait to make them! Thanks so much for making it so easy to get into this fun and very satisfying craft. Thanks again! 🙂 “

Dana Kwak ~ Calgary, AB, Canada