Realistic Needle Felted Robin Picture

Needle Felted Robin Picture by Sarah Ann Jump featured on

What a realistic little robin!

“Two more wool paintings. A monarch butterfly and a robin. There’s a robin’s nest in the tree right outside my door that I’ve enjoyed watching. I just started needle felting earlier this month but it’s safe to say I love it! … These were made with Living Felt MC-1“.

– Sarah Ann Jump, Indiana

Needle Felted Bird – A Colorful Quail


We love this bright and colorful needle felted quail by Marion Van Zonneveld
in the Netherlands…he has so much personality!

“I made this quail for someone who adores them.  I had a lot of fun felting him.
He was made with an armature of pipecleaners, covered with local sheep  wool.

I used lovely soft merino wool, in bright colours. He turned out so sweet, I love him!

He looks around with his realistic looking eyes
and seems to be proud of his funny head feather.”

-Marion Van Zonneveld, Netherlands

marion-van-zonneveld-Brd3 Marion Van Zonneveld Needle Felted Quail on

color match:

Winter GrayCotton WhiteRobin's EggBlack OnyxCaramel

needle felted quail bird

Needle Felted Quail

needle felted quail bird

needle felted quail bird

 This realistic looking quail was needle felted by Sara Koelsch as a present for a friend who has quails on their property.

She started with a wire armature base and needle felted around it using our Living Felt Merino Cross Batting. Sara also made the talons, beak and eyes out of polymer clay.

We think Sara did a fantastic job on this quail! He looks so life-like that he may just run off on his own adventure. 🙂

Needle Felted Life Sized Kestral Bird Hawk

Gorgeous Life-Sized Felted Birds by Susan Beal

Needle Felted Life Sized Loon Bird Duck

These beautiful life-sized birds were needle felted by Susan Beal of Vermont!

This loon is 23 inches long from beak to tail and made in part with Living Felt Black Onyx.

Needle Felted Life Sized Kestral Bird Hawk

“We have kestrels nesting on our barns each summer and I have always admired these smallest of falcons.”  Susan needle feted this kestrel using Living Felt Needles sizes 36 and 38 and a felting foam.

Susan learned to use wool with her Mother-In-Law, who just passed recently. “I wanted to find a way to honor her memory as well as all the love embodied in the wool I now have, and needle felting was exactly the right way to do that. I have always loved birds, so it seemed natural to focus on them.”

If you would like to see more of Susan’s creations, visit her etsy shop here!

Gorgeous Knit and Fulled Purses with Needle Felted Designs

Leedra Scott creates wonderful art on her custom knit purses with freehand needle felting. This lovely purse is her design, and she shares a little more on her method for needle felting onto knit items.

” I knit my purses and [washing] machine felt.  I thoroughly dry the purse before beginning any needle felting, Looking at a photograph I apply a small amount of roving and place on the purse where it looks right to me.  All my designs are freehand, so I can’t even duplicate.   I totally apply with the felting needles and mostly use the one needle application for the complete design.  I prefer the New Zealand Corriedale roving, but do have others that I include in the designs.

I have very small amounts of roving from others usually a color picked up at a local fiber festival. I would say 95% of my roving came from Living Felt.  I also have tried other needles, but don’t like them at all.  They are in a box for ‘just in case’…”

Her creativity flows forth through different mediums, and you can see more from Leedra online:

and of course, her Etsty shop! :O)

Beautiful Needle Felted Bird by Jackie Felix

We are in awe of this beautiful composition by Jackie Felix of Erie, Pennsylvania.

“‘Wren Ever’ is one of my latest designs; as a bird watcher I am aware it’s not technically correct,
but I was so inspired by a little wren who insisted on using a flower pot as a nest last spring
I decided to try and capture not only the experience of her determination, but also the anticipation of the arrival.

The wren is comprised of my “go to” color pecan and cotton white Merino Cross Batts,
with very minute amounts of Mango and Black Merino Cross Batts in the beak.

The legs are pearl cotton wrapped wire for support.

The flower pot is, as I like to refer to it; my own “designer” color created by
using carding brushes to blend the colors Cinnamon and Wine Cross Batts for just the right effect.

The flower pot was also stiffened to give the right amount of support to hold not only for the mother bird,
but also her precious cargo inside; three eggs felted from the small amounts of cotton white rest inside.

The nesting material was a little pearl cotton stiffened and scrunched to hold the eggs.
The carders were a Christmas gift and I love mixing and blending the delicious array of colors you carry,
I want to own them all and am working on doing just that.”

Jackie Felix, Erie PA