Gorgeous Mini Felted Easter Eggs

Felted Easter Eggs by Melissa Brown-Dallke featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

These Easter Eggs are truly mini works of art! Look at the gorgeous shading…like little paintings.

“Just completed my three little Easter eggs and I just love the way Living Felt batts felt so easily!”

– Melissa Brown-Dallke, Kansas

Darling Felted Garden Bunny

Felted Bunny by Pat Miller featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

This was the first bunny shared from our new Bunnies of Hoppy Hollow kit. We love how one project or kit will vary at the hands and creativity of each artist. This little garden bunny is just so darling!

“Finished my bunny! I am happy the way it turned out, but I do need some improvements but it was a great learning experience. I can’t wait to start another one. Need to order more eyes etc.”

– Pat Miller, Vermont

Gorgeous & Lifelike Needle Felted Bunnies by Teresa Brooks

In our newsletter this week we featured this wonderful bunny by Teresa Brooks.
She also made our Felting Friends Pic of the Week on facebook! A few people
have asked whether we have more photos of her bunny, so please enjoy these
along with the info shared in our newsletter.

I first became acquainted
with Teresa when she sent us photos of her wet felted scarves, they are lovely!

We will share them with you soon in an upcoming feature on scarves, but when
I asked her about them, she included several photos of her needle felted bunnies.
They are awesome! We asked if she would be interested to make a tutorial and
her answer was too great not to share!

I’d have no idea how to do a tutorial for my animals. They just start out as a blob and go from there. The only real tip I know for sure when doing animals is to make sure to set the eyes in the wool, not on top, for a more realistic look. Oh, and have lots of pictures from different angles. When making something three dimensional, you have to constantly turn it around and check that it looks proportional from all angles. I’d be more than happy to submit pictures of the process, but it’d probably look like a raw wool
– blob – still blob – less blob – sort of animal – yay animal, progression.



“When I first started needle felting, I didn’t even have a foam mat. I had two needles purchased from a sewing supply store and some old wool my Mom had had shipped from New Zealand to spin (spinning never happened, so I absconded with it). Many puncture wounds later I found Living Felt on the internet and have since ordered all my goodies from you.

Everything I make is trial and error. I’ve gotten tips from your site as well as from fiber artists across the internet. Mostly I see things and immediately think, ‘I should make that out of wool!’ “

Teresa Brooks, New Zealand


We think Teresa’s creations are
beautiful and are so happy to share them with you! We hope you will share
some love and give your feedback below!