Realistic Needle Felted Cat

Needle Felted Cat by Irene Clark featured on

What a beauty is this little kitty?! From the coat to the pose, she looks incredibly real! This was shared in our Living Felt Friends Group! Irene does not sell her work, but makes gifts and auction donations for various causes.

“I am fascinated with silver tortie cats, there are so many colors in their beautiful fur. And they have lots of personality. I have finally finished my silver tortie Maine Coon “Silvie”. I used all Living Felt supplies. The core is made with corriedale and the long fur is merino tops.”

– Irene Clark, Wisconsin
Felt Accompli

Felted Day of The Dead Cat – Dia Del Muerto

Needle Felted Dia Del Muerto Cat by Kelly Corso on

We went crazy over this felted cat by Kelly Corso!

“This is a Day of the Dead cat I made using LF’s core wool and MC1 colors.
She is about 12″ tall. I am a total cat lover! Thanks for always inspiring me!”

~ Kelly Corso, Lucie, Florida

You can see and buy more great felted works from Kelly in her etsy shop:

Bird In a Tree Creations

What Happens When Animator Discovers Needle Felting?

Allison Craig Animations & Needle Felt on   

What happens when an animator discovers needle felting ? Drawings come to life in wool!

Allison Craig is a full-time animator and consummate doodler who found her way to the magic of felting her characters in wool. The first needle felt sculptures she ever saw were those of a past co-worker, who had also been featured on Living Felt for her unique creations.

“I think the first needle felt work I ever saw came from the amazing Steph Laberis. We actually worked together for a while at an animation studio in Boston called Soup2Nuts. Once we had each gone our own ways, I saw some of her needle felt work online and LOVED it. Finally, 2 years ago, I bought some startup supplies from Living Felt and gave it a shot.”

Allison Craig Animations & Needle Felt on

“Being an animator, I’ve always been into character design and doodling different animals and ideas. Pair that with a guilty-pleasure love of stuffed animals, and this seemed like the perfect media for me to try. I love that it’s a 3 dimensional way to create a character; I have a lot of fun scultping (I did a bit of sculpey work back in college)”

Allison Craig Animations & Needle Felt on
“The felt projects I create usually come from doodling in my sketchbook. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of projects for other people, so the idea might come from them, but I’ll put my own spin on the design. I think everything I’ve done has been an animal. I feel more comfortable doing animals than humans! Maybe someday I’ll challenge myself. I get inspiration from a lot of other animators and character designers. I follow a lot tumblrs and artists on facebook (and I try not to get sucked into internet browsing for TOO long, ha!).”

Allison Craig Animations & Needle Felt on

“The majority of artwork that I do is for my fulltime job with Titmouse. I animate/layout/design in Flash and Photoshop on the computer. I use a Wacom Cintiq which allows you to draw with a stylus straight onto the monitor. So nice!! Otherwise, I’m doodling with pencils in my sketchbook. Felting is so nice because it gets me away from the computer but keeps me productive.”
What has been your most challenging project and what was challenging about it?

I think my most challenging project has been the Mia dog. Mostly because it was only my third felt and I was (and am) still trying to learn the best methods and tricks for doing certain things. I was also trying to use different mediums with that one – the resin cast eyes (thank you, Steph, for that tutorial!) and the collar, etc. I love how using different mediums in one piece can make it more textural and interesting.”
Allison Craig Animations & Needle Felt on

Allison Craig Animations & Needle Felt on

What is your “next big challenge”.or the project you are dreaming to do?
“I have a small obsession with unicorns and would LOVE to do a goofy, cartoony unicorn. “

Allison Craig Animations & Needle Felt on
“Anyone can needle felt!! That is what’s so great about it. Everyone has a different style and different ideas, and it’s great to see the variety that comes from this form of art. And with modern day tech – it’s so easy to find a tutorial online that can help you overcome hurdles that you hit. I am SO happy to have discovered needle felting! Maybe you’ll fall in love with it too.”

Allison Craig Animations & Needle Felt on


tumblr (most recent work posted here):

Needle felted small siamese cat named Jaques

Jaques, the Needle Felted Siamese Kitty

Needle felted small siamese cat named Jaques

This adorable needle felted Siamese kitty was made by Meghan Conley of Washington! He looks so well felted!

Needle felted small siamese cat named Jaques

Meghan’s Grandmother owns an adorable Siamese kitty named Jaques; so she needle felted a version of him for her 92nd birthday!  What an amazing present!

Needle felted small siamese cat named Jaques

 Meghan needle felted Jaques using Living Felt Merino Cross Batt Earth Tones Pack, Clover Needle Felting Tool 8901, and Clover Small Brush Mat.

Needle felted small siamese cat named Jaques

 Meghan tells us, “I’m quite proud of Jaques and I know my grandmother is going to adore him!” I bet she did! Thank you for sharing, Meghan!

Needle Felted Brown Bunny Family

Needle Felted Bunny Family and Cat by Jude Brown of Australia

Tan Needle Felted Cat with Bell

This charming little bunny family and kitty, named Cody, were made by Jude Brown of Australia! We think this kitty has a great face- especially with the brown around his eye. His nose is really well defined too!

Cody is made from Living Felt Merino Cross Core Wool, New Zealand Corriedale Natural Dark and Natural Light.

Needle Felted Brown Bunny Family

Jude says this is the first attempt at needle felting a bunny. We think Jude did a great job! The baby bunnies are adorable! Especially that one with the floppy ears- so cute~!

The bunnies are needle felted them using a Living Felt Core Wool base and New Zealand Corriedale Natural Medium on the outside.

Thank you for sharing, Jude! We look forward to many more creations!

Needle Felted Cat Puff

Needle Felted Kitten Wins at the Fair!

We just fell in love with PUFF! Kathy Gable of York, PA sent us photos of this darling needle felted cat and we just had to share her with you.

“Puff is named after the very first cat I had when I was little – and yes, I read Dick and Jane readers (their cat was named Puff!). This Puff is needle felted over 24 gauge wire, first using Living Felt core wool and then white and dyed wool from my stash to make the stripes. The eyes are plastic cat eyes. Puff just won a red ribbon at the great York Fair this year. “

Congratulations to Kathy for her prize winning needle felt kitty🙂


A Sweet Scene for Halloween

Connie Haddock of Moline, IL delights us with her wonderful creations, like this fabulous little halloween scene
just perfect for the holiday!

Connie shares, “It turned out better than I ever could have hoped.  I used Living Felt core wool and batts in Fall colors, Black and Espresso Bean, plus polymer clay and other media.  (I LOVE doing mixed media projects!)  And I again want to say that the Creative Success Affirmation CD is wonderful.  The affirmations are uplifting and the music is beautiful.  What an awesome product to offer your customers.

 I wish all of you joy, love, peace, and, of course, Happy Felting!!”

You might recall that Connie placed 3rd in our 2nd Annual International Felting Contest
in the Dr. Seuss Inspired category –> see her creation LILLY LOO