Needle Felting Felines Workshop

Felting Felines Workshop featured on

Needle Felting Workshop: Felting Felines

Learn how to needle felt 3D Animals – Domestic, Wild and Big Cats!

Call us with questions 1- 877-665-5790

Date: APR 12TH-14TH, 2018
Time: THUR, FRI, SAT 9am – 4pm

Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Location: LIVING FELT 14121 W. Hwy 290, Bldg 2A Austin, TX 78737

Materials Fee: $0
Includes all supplies for this class plus use of shop needles, foam and tools.
Students may purchase additional fibers, and supplies from the shop if desired.

Needle Felting Realistic Cats, Lions, Tigers, etc! Needle felt a domestic cat, wild cat or other big cat.
Award winning artist Megan Nedds joins us from Ohio to share her techniques for needle felting incredibly realistic needle felted animals.
Megan has made hundreds of realistic needle felted animals and will share all she can fit into these 3-days to help you sculpt an amazing work of art.

During this 3-day class, we will be exploring feline characteristics while everyone makes their choice of cat.
Cats can be challenging to sculpt because they are uniquely shaped, but this class will help you achieve that signature feline contour.
We will also focus on cat faces and fine tune details such as coat and paws.

Megan says, “I love working with Living Felt’s MC-1 fast felting batts because they are the perfect consistency for felting. They are so soft and the colors are perfect. When I use them, I know my sculptures will turn out great!”

Fun Needle Felted Cat Brooches

Needle Felted Cat Brooches by Carol Shimokochi featured on

These fun cat faces really made our day!!

“Attached is a photo of cat face brooches I needle felted with Living Felt products. They are made from your MC-1 Merino cross batt packs: the beach party studio pack, goody pack, purples/berries pack and the fall fun pack.

Your Merino cross batts are so easy and fast to sculpt with. I had a great time figuring out what color and facial features each cat should have. Determining what expressions to give them was fun too!

Thank you Living Felt!”

– Carol Shimokochi, California

Needle Felted Mice, Cats and Whimsey

Needle Felted Dolls Cats and Mice of Elena Covert NeighborKitty featured on

Elena Covert is the art and soul behind NeighborKitty, a precious and engaging
shop on etsy, filled with delightful characters. We discovered the magic when she wrote
to us one day and said simply, “I am your customer, and this is my page on etsy.”
We are so glad she did!

Needle Felted Dolls Cats and Mice of Elena Covert NeighborKitty featured on

We took the opportunity to learn more about her, and are happy to share Elena and her shop with you.

Elena shares,  “Felting is my true love. Month after month I work to improve my skills, I do not rush to make and sell the needle felted items. My goal is to make each piece as beautiful and with the greatest quality that makes both my buyer and myself happy.”

Needle Felted Dolls Cats and Mice of Elena Covert NeighborKitty featured on

Her creative explorations began very early on at the age of 7 with sewing. As she grew up, she added knitting, more advanced sewing, crochet, embroidery and later…felting.  She discovered felting when she wanted to learn to felt beads for a necklace, and this let to larger items such as the animals she sculpts now. Elena also creates in oven baked polymers and says that her “biggest challenge” has been to incorporate all of the mediums into one crafted item.

Needle Felted Dolls Cats and Mice of Elena Covert NeighborKitty featured on

Elena says that she enjoys needle felting because, “I find it very relaxing and allows me to take a small amount of wool and turn it into something with character and personality.” Elena “loves cats” and have two that provide her constant inspiration.

Needle Felted Dolls Cats and Mice of Elena Covert NeighborKitty featured on

We asked Elena what her next big project will be, or what she is dreaming to do … as with many of us, the inspiration seems in constant flow,

she says, “I have “millions” of creative thoughts in my head, not sure what I will make tomorrow.”


Needle Felted Dolls Cats and Mice of Elena Covert NeighborKitty featured on

Needle Felted Dolls Cats and Mice of Elena Covert NeighborKitty featured on

To others who are just getting started, Elena offers these encouraging words,

“Don’t be afraid to do what you like and enjoy yourself.”

 Visit & Shop with Elena on etsy:  NeighborKitty


needle felted teddy bear with dragonfly

Carol Chmiko's Needle Felted Menagerie

Needle Felted teddy bears

Carol Chmiko has added few more adorable needle felted animals to her growing menagerie! These two bears were made using llama wool.

If you would like to make your own bear, try the Living Felt Needle Felting a Bear Kit!

Needle Felted teddy bears

Needle Felted hamster bear

Needle Felted hamster bear

Carol’s daughter asked for a teddy bear hamster, and we think Carol accepted the needle felting challenge beautifully! It is really adorable 🙂

Carol’s puppies and kitties now have some wonderful new friends to play with!

Fun Needle Felted Dogs and Cats!

Needle Felted Dog Pomeranian

We really love Carol Chmiko’s felted pets! You can’t tell that she has only been felting since January 2013!

Needle Felted Dog Chihuahua

Needle Felted Dog Chihuahua 

Carol, who lives in Florida, likes to use colors from our New Zealand Corriedale Line, such as Natural White, Black, Natural Medium, Natural Dark, Natural Light, Butterscotch, Camel, Cupcake, Honey and Cherub.  

 Needle Felted Dog Poodle

She needle felted all of her little critters with Living Felt felting needles; including a Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Poodle, and several little kitties.

Needle Felted Dog

Needle Felted Cats kittens 

To get a great assortment of these colors in one pack, go for our New Zealand African Safari Pack.