Incredible Needle Felted Dog Portrait

Needle Felted Dog Portrait by Tina Marrin featured on

We are just blown away by this incredible work of art!

“Dear Living Felt,

Howdy, my submission is a needlefelted dog portrait of my neighbors dog Maximo. Maximo, the portrait, is 13″ x 7″ x 1/2″. Maximo, the dog, lives next door to us and the portrait was a surprise thank you gift to Maximo’s owner.

I have made several dog portraits, they are on my Instagram at “tinamarrin”, but for Maximo’s portrait I finally had some great bright white batts from Living Felt! The portraits take about 30 hours to make because I layer on the fibers a few hairs at a time. I love the subtle hair-by-hair changes when I lay in color, lights and darks. I layer and layer until the dog morphs into the real spirit of how he or she really looks.

I never charge for my portraits, they are a labor of love and always elicit a tender emotional response from their dog’s owner, that response is my payment.

Photo credit goes to my husband George Woods : )

Thank you so much!!”

Tina Marrin, California
instagram: tinamarrin

Stunning Needle Felted Pet Portraits

Needle Felted Dog Wool Painting by Dani Ives featured on

Dani Ives is a talented artist who gives time to her craft every day, and what she creates with our MC-1 Batts is beyond stunning! She sells custom pet portraits, her original art and prints on Etsy, plus she teaches classes and inspires thousands daily through her Instagram posts.

Needle Felted Dog Wool Painting by Dani Ives featured on

“I use Living Felt’s wool batts almost exclusively in my wool paintings. The batts felt so easily, and the high quality allows me to blend colors and control the fibers to create small details that make a huge impact in my fiber art.”

Dani Ives
etsy: goodnaturedart

Needle Felted Cow by Dani Ives featured on

Needle Felted Chicken by Dani Ives featured on

Needle Felted Dog – A Sweet Pet Portrait

Needle Felted Dog Dachschund by Kate Lindenmuth Featured on
This precious needle felted pup comes to us from Katen Lindenmuth …Jessica says, “It is such a joy to make a likeness of someone’s beloved pet, but the most touching part of my work is seeing the expression (and sometimes tears) on the person’s face when they hold the sculpture in their hands for the first time! Woolly Warm Fuzzies & the art of Kate Lindenmuth”

You can see more on her facebook page:


Jodie Wins a $25 Gift Certificate to!

needle felted dog ornament

Jodie Davis of Ohio has been a long time felting friend and customer of Living Felt.
This year, she shared a sentimental note and a needle felt with us via private message and later a post on facebook:

Just before Thanksgiving this year I had to make the decision to put my 13 1/2 yr old Chessie, Maggie, to sleep.
I had been saving her wonderfully curly hair for some time now ,(ever since I started needle felting) I decided to make an Angel ornament for my tree.

I dug thru my many bags of Merino [batting] and found a very close match and mixed the two together,
( her hair was too short to needle felt alone). I used core wool for the wings. She now hangs on the front of my tree.”

About sharing Sweet Maggie with our mutual felting friends, Jodie said: “I won’t mind if you publish her elsewhere,
it may give someone else incentive. I have already started saving hair from my younger dog:)”

Thank you, Jodie. Maggie will inspire many, many more.

Needle Felted Dog Rottweiler Rotty

Needle Felted Rotty by Foster Daughter

Needle Felted Dog Rottweiler Rotty

Brandie Rushing’s foster-to-forever daughter needle felted this wonderful Rottweiler on her first try!

They made this great dog to help keep her company in her new home. What a great companion!

They made him out with the Clover Pen Tool, New Zealand Corriedale Black, LIVING FELT CW-1 Core Wool, and MC-1 Merino Cross Batting Goody Bag.

Sweet Annie, The Needle Felted Dog & Fall Mascot

Sweet Annie, the Needle Felted Brown and White Dog with Pumpkin

This adorable little dog, named Sweet Annie, was needle felted by Robyn Weaver of California! “This is the fur child of the person I ‘sent to’ for the 2012 Peace Felt event. This was the first time I participated in the Peace Felt project and I had such a great time. I met two wonderful people, both my giver and my receiver. They are wonderful people and we have stayed in touch all through the year.”

Sweet Annie, the Needle Felted Brown and White Dog with Pumpkin

Sweet Annie was needle felted using Core Wool, Merino Cross Batt Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon Brown, Bright White, and New Zealand Corriedale Black.

Sweet Annie, the Needle Felted Brown and White Dog with Pumpkin

 “…I want to tell you how wonderful I think your products are. Over several years now, I have ordered a variety of wool from you and have NEVER been disappointed. I’ve always gotten a warm, sincere feeling every time I’ve dealt with Living Felt.”

Thank you for your kind words, Robyn, and for sharing your charming Sweet Annie with us! She is the perfect mascot for a wonderful Autumn Season!