Detailed Needle Felted Dog Portraits

Dog Portraits by Jeanette Justus featured on

Jeanette sculpts stunning mini replicas of our beloved four-legged friends. Her poses add such realism to her detailed work!

“My name is Jeanette Justus and I make needle-felted “Personal Pets” for people. I saw a picture of a needle-felted animal on the internet about two years ago, and fell in love with the craft. I love the Living Felt wool and supplies.

Dog Portraits by Jeanette Justus featured on

I use MC-1 Merino-Cross Fast Felting Batts for most of my animals, and for the long-haired animals I use NZ Corriedale Wool Roving. I also use Living Felt’s core wool for their bodies.”

– Jeanette Justus, Wyoming

needle felted teddy bear with dragonfly

Carol Chmiko's Needle Felted Menagerie

Needle Felted teddy bears

Carol Chmiko has added few more adorable needle felted animals to her growing menagerie! These two bears were made using llama wool.

If you would like to make your own bear, try the Living Felt Needle Felting a Bear Kit!

Needle Felted teddy bears

Needle Felted hamster bear

Needle Felted hamster bear

Carol’s daughter asked for a teddy bear hamster, and we think Carol accepted the needle felting challenge beautifully! It is really adorable 🙂

Carol’s puppies and kitties now have some wonderful new friends to play with!

Needle Felted Dog Park takes 1st Place @ the Fair!


 “My sis & I won the “Best of Division” ribbon for the Felting division at the San Diego Fair this month. …Used mostly Living Felt wool!”  Jackie uses a lot of Living Felt MC-1 Merino Cross Batts for her needle felted works.

All of us at LIVING FELT congratulate Jackie and her sister!!! Just think…10yrs ago, there probably was not even a Felting Division! It is so great to see the craft growing and artists being recognized and encouraged 🙂

Fun Needle Felted Dogs and Cats!

Needle Felted Dog Pomeranian

We really love Carol Chmiko’s felted pets! You can’t tell that she has only been felting since January 2013!

Needle Felted Dog Chihuahua

Needle Felted Dog Chihuahua 

Carol, who lives in Florida, likes to use colors from our New Zealand Corriedale Line, such as Natural White, Black, Natural Medium, Natural Dark, Natural Light, Butterscotch, Camel, Cupcake, Honey and Cherub.  

 Needle Felted Dog Poodle

She needle felted all of her little critters with Living Felt felting needles; including a Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Poodle, and several little kitties.

Needle Felted Dog

Needle Felted Cats kittens 

To get a great assortment of these colors in one pack, go for our New Zealand African Safari Pack.

Trek has a new friend

Meet ‘Baby Trek’ a needle felted wool sculpture.

Photo credit to Bob Holliday of Winnipeg, Canada.

Jolene Klassen needle felted a likeness of the real Trek for his proud owners

‘Baby Trek is 12 inches in height.

I worked on him for about 9 months. I used your fabulous core fiber and browns from your Studio Pack which were absolutely perfect for the job!

“Receiving this second photo brought a huge smile to my face and to that of friends who saw the sculpture as it progressed – Baby Trek and the actual Trek taken by the sculpture’s new owner. We don’t know what the big guy is thinking in this pose, but possibly ‘well OKAY, IF I HAVE TO’!”

– Jolene Klassen

Needle Felted Corgis and a Little Friend

Miranda Mueller

Adds Corgis and a Mouse to her collection of needle felted animals

My little corgi Fiber Friends are all inspired by my love for Pocket, my Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She is the best muse! My pocket corgis are about the right size to ride along with my Breyer horse collection, as are the geese. My little mouse is quiet and sweet, with no poop or nibbling of bread! I love getting pictures of my clients dogs in the mail and marveling over the variety of the corgi breed. I felt all my pieces around Living Felt’s core wool and use locally sourced roving for the colors.

Miranda Mueller