Fantasy Dragons and Realistic Deer: Upcoming Felting Workshops

We are very excited to bring you two new felting workshops in 2018.

Enrollment is now open…with 3 ways to pay: Pay in full, 50% Deposit and our new Lay-a-Way Program!

Reserve your spot today!

Needle Felted Fantasy Dragon Workshop with Joyce Hazlerig featured on

Needle Felting Workshop: Felting Fantasy Dragons with Joyce Hazlerig

Sep 13-14 Thur/Fri

Learn how to needle felt a fantasy dragon with Joyce Hazlerig

All supplies included!!

Come spend 2-days learning from the very creative Joyce Hazlerig of Gypsyharte Arts!

Your dragon can be any color or colors you like! In her recent workshop here in Texas, we saw beautiful blue and purple and lime green dragons too!!

*layaway breaks the cost into 5 easy payments.

More info / REGISTER

Needle Felted Realistic Deer Workshop with Kiyoshi Mino featured on

Needle Felting Workshop: Felting a Realistic Red Deer with Kiyoshi Mino

Oct 18, 19, 20 Thur/Fri/Sat

All supplies included!!

Learn how to needle felt this realistic Red Deer with his gorgeous fur and stately antlers.

Come spend 3-days learning from the very talented Kiyoshi Mino and learn how to blend and apply fur, and how to create a great armature for your realistic needle felted deer.

Kiyoshi is fast becoming internationally renowned for his realistic felted sculptures! Take advantage of this chance to learn from him directly.

*layaway breaks the cost into 5 easy payments.

More info / REGISTER

Scenes from Wooly Wednesday!

Scenes from Wooly Wednesday with Joyce Hazlerig of Gypsy Harte featured on

Join us for a fun, interactive gathering of friends!

Catch the Broadcast Live or watch it later in our fb group: LIVING FELT FRIENDS

Last week we had a special guest: Joyce Hazlerig of Gypsy Harte!

Scenes from Last week:

Felted Dragon by Joyce Hazlerig of Gypsy Harte featured on

Joyce shared many wonderful details about her amazing felted dragon.

Felted Dragon by Joyce Hazlerig of Gypsy Harte featured on

She even explained how she made the wings and showed a smaller version of the armature.

Felted Dragon by Joyce Hazlerig of Gypsy Harte featured on

Joyce gave a demonstration of her method for needle felting nepps, very cool!

Felted Dragon by Joyce Hazlerig of Gypsy Harte featured on

She then shared her incredible caterpillar — another spectacular piece!

Felt Holiday Ornaments featured on

We pulled some of our favorite felted ornaments from the tree and shared who made them 🙂

Fiery but Adorable RED Needle Felted Dragon!

Needle Felted Red Dragon by Shelly Schwartz on

Shelly Schwartz makes some pretty darn sweet sculptures out of polymer clay and more recently has been applying her skills and creativity to needle felting. We love this needle felted dragon made with Living Felt MC-1 Felting batts!

“I was so impressed by my daughter’s computer drawing of a red dragon, that I felt I must make him into a sculpture.

He was sculpted from true red and mahogany MC 1 batt wool. He has a wire armature throughout his body and wings to help him stand and pose.  His teeth were made from polymer clay and he has black glass eyes.

Thank you for the inspiring emails every Saturday. I look forward to seeing what others are creating every week.”

– Shelly Schwartz, Michigan

Visit her etsy shop: Shelly Schwartz Studios  [rainabedaina]

Needle Felted Dragon – a Gift of Love and Protection

Needle Felted Purple Dragon by Caprice Willert on

Caprice Willert Needle Felted This Gorgeous Purple Dragon as a Token of LOVE.

“I made this dragon for my sister Tracey as a going away gift. She was moving out-of-state
and I wanted her to have something to watch over her.
She loves dragons and the colors purple and pink.

This was my first large armature. He is wired from head to toe,
including the wings. He’s 20″ long x 12″ tall. I used some pre-felt to start
the structure of the wings and then added the colors on top. I used a toothpick to wrap
the wool and make the various horns. I used Wild Berry and Berry Picken’
for the body colors. I wanted the colors to have variegation in the wool.
I used those bits of colors to add additional hues. The eyes are glass.
I used them because they were glittery and the pupils were slits.

I really had fun making it and she loved it, which was what counted.”

-Caprice Willert, California

Needle Felted Purple Dragon With White Tips

Sully the Dragon by Kaylene Slade

Needle Felted Purple Dragon With White Tips

This fantastic little dragon was made by Kaylene Slade of Utah!

Needle Felted Purple Dragon With White Tips

Sully the dragon was made from a single Living Felt Merino Cross Batt Goody Bag felted onto Living Felt Merino Cross Core Wool!

Thank you for sharing your artwork, Kaylene, and we hope to see more soon!


Needle Felted Dragon and Pegasus! ~ Michelle Houston

Needle Felted Dragon

Needle Felted Dragon

Needle Felted Pegasus

Needle Felted Pegasus

Michelle Houston of Ontario, Canada, showed us her fine needle felting prowess with these lovely creatures of fantasy she made for her son and daughter! The dragon looks fiery with colors from the Summer Flowers studio pack and the Pegasus is a dream in white Merino Cross.  Thank you Michelle! They are beautiful!