Amazing Animal Sculptures

Needle Felted Horses by Kim Mahlbacher featured on

Look at these amazing and lively sculptures!

“Dear LivingFelt, I love your products!

The animal’s basic forms were made from your CW-1 Core Wool. The details in their colored coats were made using your MC-1 Monochrome and MC-1 Earth tone studio packs, and MC-1 Soft Pink was used for their noses and inner ears.

Your wonderful Lincoln Natural Sheep Locks in Natural Chipmunk, Black, and Gray Smokey were used for the pony’s and donkey’s manes and tails, and the ram’s curls. They are lovely, full and tangle free. I haven’t found this level of quality from any other company. You are my sole resource for wool.

Needle Felted Ram and Donkey by Kim Mahlbacher featured on

I hand sew groups of locks to make the pony’s and donkey’s manes and tails and needle felt core wool in matching colors over the stitches. The ram’s curls are needle felted in over a core base with white core wool. His horn is handmade ceramic with a wire base needle felted in with your core wool and covered with curls in the center. Eyes are glass.

LivingFelt’s MC-1 Wool was used for all the animal’s eyebrows in the coat color, and black core wool was added on the edge as eye lashes and also on their mouths for soft smiles.

The needles used were your 40, 42, and 36 Triangle and 40 Spiral.

I worked the wool using your Earth Harmony Series 10″ x 15″ Needle Felting Foam, which had held up very well, is easy to clean, and provides a roomy work space.

Thank you again for the quality of your products.

As an artist, using the best helps me to do my best work.
Blessings, Kim”

– Kim Mahlbacher

HeirloomCroft Art in Wool
LLC Kentucky Crafted Artist
find Kim on facebook and etsy: HeirloomCroft Art

Gorgeous Needle Felted Horses

Needle Felted Horses by Candace Osborn featured on
What gorgeous needle felted horses!

“This handsome gray is ready to join the herd. I love felting animals, especially horses. I use a wire armature, glass eyes, and polyclay hooves to add life to my wool. When I use batts that have a variegated color, like the grays that I used, it naturally gives a dapple pattern to the horse’s hide.

Thanks for all you provide,”
Candace Osborn
etsy: OsbornArtistry

Beautiful and Alive Needle Felted Horse Portrait

Horse Portrait by Inna Carlson featured on

Inna’s work is beautiful and alive!

“I’ve dabbled with needle felting before, but I used what I could find in local craft stores and wasn’t too impressed with the results.

My main focus was embroidery until I saw the incredible works of Dani Ives on Instagram. That propelled me to give needle felting another chance. I’ve started looking for online suppliers and, when I came across Living Felt website, it was like a dream come true.

I love how easy it is to navigate within the site, the variety and quality of products you offer, your YouTube tutorials and even the business cards you enclose with each order with a motivational quote on the back.

For this horse portrait I used your MC-1 batts from studio packs, which is incredibly easy to use and for horse’s mane I used some of your natural New Zealand Corriedale roving – it has such a beautiful texture! Also, I love the needles, especially green and yellow. It makes such a huge difference when adding some small details to use them.”

Inna Carlson, California
etsy: TheFaithfulThread

Sweet Needle Felted Horse Mobile

Needle Felted Horse Mobile by Lisa Bondurant featured on

Lisa Bondurant needle felted this sweet horse mobile with a combination of New Zealand Corriedale, MC-1 Felting Batts, and wire wrapping.

“I was recently asked to make a special horse mobile for a customer’s daughter. The customer asked for a replica of her daughter’s favorite horse. Meet Comanche.”

Comanche, the horse that inspired a Needle Felted Horse Mobile by Lisa Bondurant featured on

Lisa’s customer’s expecting daughter had ridden Comanche in competition. 

“Each horse in the mobile was similar to the horses her daughter had owned, but Comanche being her favorite.”

— Lisa Bondurant

Needle Felted Horses by Lisa Bondurant featured on

You can see more of Lisa’s work at:

Bondurant Mountain Art on Etsy
Bondurant Mountain

Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us, Lisa!

Needle Felting American Horse

Buckskin, The Needle Felted American Horse

Needle Felting American Horse

This majestic horse, named Buckskin, was needle felted by Sarah Glading of California!

Buckskin was made using wool from Sarah’s mother’s sheep that was saved since the ’80s! The mane and tail were made from Living Felt Black Mohair Top.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful horse with us, Sarah! We hope to see more soon!

Masquerade and Pony Show! Felting Projects from Susan Nolte!


Felted Bird Mask

Felted Bird Mask

Needle Felted Horse

Needle Felted Horse


These fun pieces were felted by Susan Nolte of Portland, OR.  I love the colors you choice for each, Susan! The mask is made from NZ Corriedale Turquoise, Marigold and Lemon. The Horse is NZ Corriedale Eggplant, Nutmeg, Raspberry , and White. Gorgeous! And I’d love to hear if you made the mask for a specific event. . . Who got to show it off?

“[The mask is] my second needle felting project. [A]  sort of bird head felted over a light weight wire frame made from an old fireplace screen. Waiting for more supplies!”

Susan Nolte ~ Portalnd, OR