Delightful Felted Fairy Painting

Needle Felted Fairy Painting by Anna Repke featured on

What a delightful little fairy, and so well done!

What can say spring better than a fairy? I had a fairy calendar of Cicley Mary Barker’s fairies and just had to give it a go!! I wet felted the base tapestry with just a few wisps of color, then needle felted all the details. Phew!

– Anna Repke, Illinois

Amazing Needle Felted Rendition of Botticelli’s Madona

Needle Felted Botticelli's Madona by Debra Bosio Riley featured on

A Needle Felted Rendition of Botticelli’s Madona
– by Debra Bosio Riley, Michigan

This week we share with you four different artists who have created art works on similar subjects, using four very different approaches to create a 2D work of fiber art.

First, Debra posted this amazing piece in our facebook group and blew us all away. Lots of questions were asked, and below we have included snippets of her responses to the community. She shared that most of her fibers were from Living Felt MC-1 Batts — and some of the facial colors she dyed with kool-aid. She drew the outlines for the art free-hand. She was very generous to show the work in different stages and share that the detail and shading comes in layers.

“Mostly wool needle felted, just a bit of buttercup silk embroidery thread for the crown, and other embellishments. Finished this last week. I did this to teach myself… It’s done after a detail of Sandro Boticcelli’s Madona el Magnificant.

I took a square of white silk fabric and placed it over a similar size piece of 1/8″ thick white wool felt. These I pinned onto a foam felting block, then I drew the image onto the silk with a felt tipped pen.

I stabbed all of it. I called it painting because that’s the only way I could describe it. I’m fairly new to needle felting, and this is all needle felted.

… I’m a beginner really, though I have spent my life as a painter. Here is a photo of a few layers as I went. I drew the image on silk backed by white wool felt. It may help you get an idea of how I did this. Layers, lots of layers.”

Needle Felted Botticelli's Madona by Debra Bosio Riley featured on

Fantastic Needle Felted Fox

Needle Felted Fox by Donna Moore featured on

Didn’t Donna do a fantastic job on her fox? Everyone fell in love with it and we all are in love with her work table as well — she covered it with vintage rulers …. just fabulous! ūüôā

“Tried my hand at the fox and can‚Äôt wait to start on the Cardinal!”

– Donna Moore, Texas

Felted Wool Painting – Lone Tree Again

Felted Wool Painting Wall Hanging LONE TREE AGAIN by Deebs on etsy and Featured on TREES WEEK!
This lovely felt painting is by “Deebs” of¬† Redmond, WA and is entitled “Lone Tree Again”

This is an original needlefelt ‘wool painting’ with a design size of 11″ x 14″. It is entirely done by hand with various wools on felt with art yarn.

“So, since I’m an only child, I have been artsy my whole life (gotta have something to entertain yourself with). I have worked with just about every medium there is including stained glass work. And I still love cross stitching and needlepoint. But wool and silk fibers have entered my life and taken over….my love of needlefelting grows each year.”

You can see this and similar felted paintings in her etsy shop:  Deebs on etsy

Needle Felted Mermaid Picture by Anne Zimmerman using Living Felt MC-1 Wool

Needle Felted Mermaid Wall Hangings


Anne  Zimmerman Wins a $25 Gift Certificate  for!

This  lovely and serene felted painting of a mermaid  was created by Anne Zimmerman of New York.
She used
Living  Felt MC-1 Batts in:

Indigo, Lemon Peel, Egyptian Blue, Latte and MC-2 Fairy Tale Pumpkin.

“I love to do needle felting as a painting medium. It is¬† so relaxing…very portable ūüôā , and so tactile.

I try to achieve a “watercolor” effect with the fibers…by blending and..swirling the colorful fibers onto a piece of felt.¬† I can achieve surprising shading by layering dark over light or light over dark. Living Felt has an incredible¬† array of colored wool to choose from, and I am so pleased with the¬† interest you take¬† with your customers….your community of felters. It is so nice to¬† be a part of a larger community.”

Needle Felted Mermaid Picture by Anne Zimmerman using Living Felt MC-1 Wool



This is a needle felted painting that I did recently after “experiencing” my 50th birthday.¬†¬† It was therapeutic for me to work in this particular medium¬† and immerse myself in the beautiful colors of the wool. After completing the painting …it felt “cathartic” for me.¬† And turning 50 didn’t feel so monumental or scary anymore.¬† I always purchase my wool from Living Felt…the quality can’t be beat.¬† I used lemon peel, cadet [Egyptian blue], and indigo MC-1 batts to name a few.

Anne Zimmerman  Ossining, New York

Felted Painting

Needle Felted Sheep Painting


Felted Painting

Arlette Seib of Canada shared her wonderfully needle felted wool painting with us!
We love the textures and the richness, plus applaud the composition.

“I’m just getting started with needle felting. I’m very grateful to have discovered Living Felt at the start of this journey. This is my second painting done with wool.”

Needle Wet Felted Wool Painting of Stream

Stunning Felted Wool Painting by Laura Bill

Needle Wet Felted Wool Painting of Stream

Laura Bill of New York felted this gorgeous river felt painting!

She felted it blending Living Felt Merino Top Amethyst, Chocolate, Aqua, Rosequartz, Lagoon, Lilac Haze, Living Felt Merino Cross Batt Black Onyx, Dark Chocolate, Key Lime, Bamboo, True Olive, Wintergreen, Spruce, Bonsai, New Zealand Corriedale Navy, Turquoise, Sky, and Cocoa.

Laura shared this on our facebook page and said:

This is a needle felted landscape of the pond near the boarding school where I work and live in Lake Placid, NY with two of my favorite students on the dock.”

Laura is an art teacher and has generously contributed free tutorials to our blog for both adults and kids!
Look through our kid’s creativity corner to see some of the great posts by Laura.
Laura also volunteers at an annual teacher’s convention, sharing the wonders of felting with kids¬†to other art teachers, we love it!