Realistic Needle Felted Robin Picture

Needle Felted Robin Picture by Sarah Ann Jump featured on

What a realistic little robin!

“Two more wool paintings. A monarch butterfly and a robin. There’s a robin’s nest in the tree right outside my door that I’ve enjoyed watching. I just started needle felting earlier this month but it’s safe to say I love it! … These were made with Living Felt MC-1“.

– Sarah Ann Jump, Indiana

Pretty Needle Felted Butterfly Picture

Needle Felted Butterfly Picture by Christine Kancler featured on

This was a great inspiration piece with HOT TIPS shared in our facebook group, THANK YOU, Christine!

“I finally finished this one! I lost my mojo for a couple of weeks, but this piece sat, half done, and waited it out, and now my mojo is back! It’s all Living Felt wool, and the flowers are cut up LF lavender silk hankies!

I did something a little different this time – I wanted to transfer the butterfly onto this piece after the background was done so I dry ironed the entire background, and then ironed on the transfer. It worked great!

The fuzzies were tamed, the needle marks virtually disappeared, and I was left with a nice, flat surface for the transfer! It would be worth trying on your next pet portrait if you want to put in a little background.”

– Christine Kancler, Wisconsin

Felted Projects from Our Young Special Guests

Needle Felted Emoji and Wet Felted Fabric by Isla; Needle Felted Pictures by Sammie featured on

We had so much fun with our two “special guests” on Wooly Wednesday this last week. Isla, age 7 1/2, shared her needle felted emoji and her wet felted fabric that she will sew into a clutch purse. She used MC-1 Batts, curly locks, angelina and more!

Sammie, age 6, shared his needle felted pictures and a work in progress. Notice the outlines on the Mario Brothers pictures, he did these all by himself using the iron on transfer pen and his mom ironed it onto a wool felt sheet. He is in the process of needle felting it. The rainbow is a picture he made for his mom 🙂

Needle Felted Sponge Bob Picture by Jace featured on

Jace, age 11, needle felted this awesome Sponge Bob picture on wool felt. He was not feeling well during our show but his sister Isla brought his picture in and shared it with us for our broadcast 🙂

Painting with Wool! Fun Needle Felted Pictures ~ by Jeanne Norris


Needle Felted Picture

Needle Felted Picture

Needle Felted Picture

Needle Felted Picture

Needle Felted Picture

Needle Felted Picture


These wonderful pictures were needle felted by Jeanne Norris of Constable, NY.  The Egyptian picture is an original work of art that she sold at an art show. The second and third are copies of her granddaughters’ art interpreted through felt!  Beautifully done Jeanne! And congratulations on a successful show!


“This [Egyptian] needle felted picture was part of an art show I was invited to participate in. It has been sold! It was created using Living Felt wool and was much commented on. . .
[The second is a] copy of child’s self portrait-my granddaughter, Emma.  . . . [The third is a] copy of a picture my granddaughter Evelyn drew “Grandma & Evelyn”…all needle felted on pink felt background.
Hint: to create backgrounds for flat art pictures I felted wool flat and sprayed with spray starch on both sides and let dry overnight…stiffens in just enough to use for a picture, but still flexible enough to felt your picture to.”
Jeanne Norris ~ Constable, NY