Irresistible Needle Felted Alpaca Picture

Needle Felted Alpaca Picture by Sandi Atkins featured on

This irresistible Alpaca was needle felted by Sandi Atkins in South Carolina. She sent it to us as a surprise gift from the Alpaca fibers she won during one of our recent Wooly Wednesday broadcasts, and MC-1 plus CW-1 Core Wool. We love him!

Sandi Atkins, South Carolina

Needle Felted King Neptune Wall Hanging for Baby’s Nursery

Needle Felted King Neptune Wall Hanging by Anne Franklin featured on

Anne Franklin sent us a photo of her King Neptune wall hanging she created for a lucky baby’s nursery.  You’d never know that she has only been needle felting for a few months! This lovely composition is smooth where you would expect it while the swirls and whisps give it movement and life.

“This is my King Neptune for a nautical themed baby nursery. I used Living Felt Pre-Felt Wool Batt for base with blue azul MC-1 Batt, indigo MC-1 Battbright white MC-2 Batt, mango MC-1 Batt, and Border Leicester Locks, as well as a few other fibers. I have been needle felting since October and love the creative possibilities; and LF supplies are superb as well as the customer service!”

— Anne Franklin, North Carolina

Needle Felted Landscape by Kathryn Merrithew Featured on

Kathryn Merrithew Wins a $25 Gift Certificate from Living Felt for submitting her felt painting called The Cozy Cabin.

This beautiful and rich felted picture was needle felted onto a pre-felt of a thickness designed for wall hangings. Kathryn shares that this piece is an impressive 3′ x 4′ and took her three days to complete, working on it most of the time during those days.

We love the dimension and the detail — a great work of felted art!

Felted Painting Celebrate Coffee

Felted Painting Celebrating Coffee

Felted Painting Celebrate Coffee

This beautiful felted coffee picture was felted by Donna Brau of Minnesota. She felted it for the local “Celebrate Art Celebrate Coffee” festival. The piece will be raffled off.

She felted it on a base of Living Felt Merino Cross Core Wool with Living Felt Merino Cross Batt Foliage and Dark Chocolate.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful, charitable felted picture with us, Donna!

Painting with Wool! Fun Needle Felted Pictures ~ by Jeanne Norris


Needle Felted Picture

Needle Felted Picture

Needle Felted Picture

Needle Felted Picture

Needle Felted Picture

Needle Felted Picture


These wonderful pictures were needle felted by Jeanne Norris of Constable, NY.  The Egyptian picture is an original work of art that she sold at an art show. The second and third are copies of her granddaughters’ art interpreted through felt!  Beautifully done Jeanne! And congratulations on a successful show!


“This [Egyptian] needle felted picture was part of an art show I was invited to participate in. It has been sold! It was created using Living Felt wool and was much commented on. . .
[The second is a] copy of child’s self portrait-my granddaughter, Emma.  . . . [The third is a] copy of a picture my granddaughter Evelyn drew “Grandma & Evelyn”…all needle felted on pink felt background.
Hint: to create backgrounds for flat art pictures I felted wool flat and sprayed with spray starch on both sides and let dry overnight…stiffens in just enough to use for a picture, but still flexible enough to felt your picture to.”
Jeanne Norris ~ Constable, NY