Birds of a Feather Exhibit: Parakeet Wall Hanging and Winging It

Felted Parakeet Wall Hanging by Sandi Kramer featured on

Princess of Wales Parakeet with Hibiscus Flowers, Sandi Kramer

“The burlap bag that came with my first Living Felt order was my inspiration. I machine felted onto the burlap haphazardly until I saw the image of a bird appearing in the wool.

Everything else came from there. The burlap bag was just ‘speaking’ to me to be a part of my art.”

Sandi Kramer, Arizona

Felted Bird Wall Hanging by Rebecca Hostetter featured on

Winging It, Rebecca Hostetter

“I was completely blown away when I stumbled upon Moy Mackay’s books on wool painting. This was copied from one of the art pieces she featured in her book as a picture, but was not a project pieces with instructions. So I had to wing it…Oka, I admit it. I couldn’t resist! 🙂

What I am most excited to share is the method I used. I used the artfelt paper. This wonderful invention allows you to create detailed art that stays in place during the felting and requires no hand felting. All my flat felt painting is done using this incredible paper.”

Winging It, Rebecca Hostetter
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Realistic Needle Felted Robin Picture

Needle Felted Robin Picture by Sarah Ann Jump featured on

What a realistic little robin!

“Two more wool paintings. A monarch butterfly and a robin. There’s a robin’s nest in the tree right outside my door that I’ve enjoyed watching. I just started needle felting earlier this month but it’s safe to say I love it! … These were made with Living Felt MC-1“.

– Sarah Ann Jump, Indiana

4 Exceptional Felt Paintings

These are exceptional examples of painting with wool, and we are so thrilled to see what our friends are making with our MC-1 Felting Batts.

Needle Felt Painting by Christine Raak featured on

What a beautiful work of art and an exciting day!!

“I’m so excited! I sold my first needle felted wool painting!! All of the wool I used came from Living Felt, and I used a little bit of embroidery floss, too. Plus, this was only the second painting I did! I’ve felted snowmen, fairies, acorns, pumpkins, etc. I even did an Olaf (from the film Frozen)! But I think I found my calling with the paintings. They’re rewarding, relaxing, and satisfying, and when I finish one, I can’t believe it came from my hand. Thank you Living Felt and all of you for the guidance, encouragement, and inspiration!!”

– Christine Raak, Illinois

Needle Felt Lake Painting by Suzanne Cabrera Towry featured on

The colors and the depth of detail just draw you in! We are ready to put our paddle in the water and head for the opposite shore.

“Made for my sister. It’s a felting painting of a lake we love to visit in the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains in California.”

Suzanne Cabrera Towry, North Carolina

Loon Family Needle Felt Painting by Marjorie Talacko featured on

A wonderfully captured moment and great color reflections in the water.

“After seeing a loon family while kayaking, I was inspired to needle-felt this loon family. I enjoyed working with the color of the sunset behind and the reflection of the birds in the water.”

– Marjorie Talacko, Massachusetts

Boston Terrier Needle Felt Painting by Pauline Crouse featured on

A very artful work, you can feel the soul of this little pup!

“My most recent commission titled Lucy. I love doing dog portraits. This is my first Boston. Though not perfect I hope I captured her character. I used a backing of commercial felt with MC-1 and some New Zealand Corriedale.”

– Pauline Crouse, Mississippi
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Beautiful Chateau Felt Painting

Needle Felted Chateau Painting by Sonja Weeks-Oswalt featured on

Chateau Chalon, in France by Sonja Weeks Oswalt

It is so brilliant to watch our creative friends evolve within their art over the years! Sonja explores many techniques in felting and lately has been felting some gorgeous felt “paintings”.

Needle Felted Chateau Painting by Sonja Weeks-Oswalt featured on

She shares that it is 16×20 and is 100% Wool, “almost exclusively” made with Living Felt MC-1 batts. It took 3 weeks to a month working on it during the evenings. This piece was a commission.

Needle Felted Chateau Painting by Sonja Weeks-Oswalt featured on

“I hand-blend alot, and many of the colors in the picture, here are hand-blended —especially shading. some of it is also layering of 4 or 5 different colors in the same place, just very very thin layers of each so that some colors peek through. I’m not sure there’s much of anywhere on the whole picture that is just one color without extra blending or layering”

– Sonja Weeks-Oswalt


Wet Needle Felted Wall Hanging Painting The Watcher Face

Stunning Wool Paintings By Kathryn Parenti

Wet Needle Felted Wall Hanging Painting Visitors Birds

Look at these breathtaking wool paintings by high school art teacher Kathryn Parenti!  This piece is named “Visitors” and was needle felted onto a wet felted pre-felt, then sewn onto a piece of fiber.

When I paint in fiber I find that the optical blends created are much like the glazes and layers I work with in my oil paintings.”

Wet Needle Felted Wall Hanging Painting The Watcher Face

This piece is called “The Watcher.” It was her first needle felted painting.

Kathryn says it was instantaneous love four years ago when she got her first supplies!  This piece was inspired by the “hypnotic faces of the Byzantine Icons” about whom she teaches  in her art class.

Felted wool painting by Kathryn Parenti "Icon"


Wet Needle Felted Painting Purse Face with Hand

This last piece is a purse that Kathryn needle felted with a woman losing her socks and patent leather shoes. It was inspired by her daughter, “a 25 year old artist who manages to be both a child and a woman all at once in the most charming way.”

Wet Needle Felted Painting Purse Body

Wet Needle Felted Painting Purse Body with hand

Wet Needle Felted Painting Purse Face with Hand

She felted her pieces using New Zealand Corriedale Goody Bag and Living Felt 42 gauge needles. Thank you for sharing your amazing artwork with us, Kathryn!
We hope to see more soon!