Needle Felted Elephant for a Good Cause

Needle Felted Elephant by Aimee Price featured on

What a beautiful outcome for a loving cause!

“I wanted to send this along to you as I so enjoy getting your emails. I felted this elephant to be the centerpiece for our school fundraiser last night. I started work on this elephant as I needed and wanted to focus on what is happening to the worlds elephants due to the ivory trade.

I was hopeful that in this meditative work I could come up with a way to help their cause. So far, the issue still seems bigger than me but I will continue to give as I can and will conjure up their beautiful spirits in anyway that will build more awareness. In the meantime I hope that you enjoy this creation of mine.

Thank you for keeping me inspired through your emails. I am always so delighted to see what other creative fingers are doing!”

With much care,
Aimee Price, California

Needle Felted Alligator Inspired by a Video Game

Needle Felted Alligator by Laura Davenport featured on

What a fabulous felt rendition of this digital character!

“My daughter is graduating from medical school this weekend. She has wanted me to make her this alligator since her first year there. She loved this N64 game as a kid, and always thought the alligator was adorable. I finally worked up the nerve to start, I am very pleased with the results!

Alligator character from N-64 video game

The alligator from the N64 video game

I used core wool for the interior, MC-1 batt for the backpack, and NZ Corriedale for the top colors, Living Felt needles and lots of sweat and anxiety!

Giving her this alligator as a gift seems a bit silly in light of her accomplishment, but I know he will be loved, and she will always have a little piece of me with her no matter where her path leads.”

Thank you!!
Laura Davenport, Illinois

Beautiful and Alive Needle Felted Horse Portrait

Horse Portrait by Inna Carlson featured on

Inna’s work is beautiful and alive!

“I’ve dabbled with needle felting before, but I used what I could find in local craft stores and wasn’t too impressed with the results.

My main focus was embroidery until I saw the incredible works of Dani Ives on Instagram. That propelled me to give needle felting another chance. I’ve started looking for online suppliers and, when I came across Living Felt website, it was like a dream come true.

I love how easy it is to navigate within the site, the variety and quality of products you offer, your YouTube tutorials and even the business cards you enclose with each order with a motivational quote on the back.

For this horse portrait I used your MC-1 batts from studio packs, which is incredibly easy to use and for horse’s mane I used some of your natural New Zealand Corriedale roving – it has such a beautiful texture! Also, I love the needles, especially green and yellow. It makes such a huge difference when adding some small details to use them.”

Inna Carlson, California
etsy: TheFaithfulThread

Colorful Needle Felted Butterflies

Needle Felted Butterfly by Marie Spaulding featured on

Marie has been making jumbo butterflies and moths!

This one is needle felted by transferring the design on to a felt square using the Iron On Transfer Pen. Then the wings are cut out and attached to a needle felted body. Wool used is MC-1 Felting Batts in Red Grapefruit, Orange Creme and Buttercup.

Needle Felted Elephant Hawk Moth by Marie Spaulding featured on

This is an Elephant Hawk Moth.

The wings were made from wet felted Merino Top in Fuchsia. Detail was added with Dijon, White and Lilac.

The body is core wool with Merino top needle felted on top.

Needle Felted Butterfly by Marie Spaulding featured on

This is another fantasy butterfly made like the first shown above. Colors are MC-1 Felting Batts in Midnight, Egyptian and Blue Frost with a bit of Chicory and White.

Would you like to see these as a kit, tutorial download or video? Let us know!

Needle Felted Fairy Garden

Needle Felted Fairy Garden by Kimberly Czar featured on

“As mother earth awakens this spring I find I am inspired by all the little things that are starting to grow. have done some hanging toadstool ornaments before but thought it would be fun to put a few together in a garden. I used all merino cross batts as I find the shorter fibers easier to work with when making smaller items.

I started with an unfinished 2 1/2″ wooden bowl. I stained it dark and then painted with white acrylic over that and sanded it to get a more aged, earthy feel. I felted a thick, tight base of wool and glued it to the inside of the bowl, and then built everything on top of that base.

I used a similar technique for the snail, gluing some densely felted wool to the inside of the shell and using the loose ends to attach the shell to the snail’s felted body. on the VERY narrow bits – like the snail’s eye tentacles, I employed a bit of wet felting technique after getting them as tight as I could with my needle I dampened them with warm, soapy water and rolled them between my fingers, compressing them as much as possible, and then doing the same with a towel, leaving some loose ends to attach to the head once they were dry.

I used my 42 triangle needle almost exclusively on this and find that the right needle makes a big difference when working on small details.”

– Kimberly Czar, Massachusetts
on etsy: czardesign

Needle Felted Barnyard Friends

Felted Barnyard Friends by Erin Carlson of Fiber Art by Erin made with CW-1 Core Wool and MC-1 Felting Batts featured on

Erin Carlson of Fiber Art by Erin kicks off fall the season for us with her lively felted barnyard friends! Erin says that these cuties were made with Living Felt CW-1 Core Wool and MC-1 Felting Batts.

You might recognize some of these colors…and we LOVE what Erin makes with them! Erin takes custom orders and she sells her work at shows in Pennsylvania.

Needle Felted Rooster Sculpture

Needle Felted Rooster by Jennifer Field of Jennifer Field Studios featured on

Jennifer Field of Jennifer Field Studios first captured our attention a few years ago with her stunning and artistic needle felted roosters, like the one above. She forges copper, creates hand blown glass, and now felts her creative expression into tangible works of art; Jennifer uses Living Felt MC-1 Felting Batts a great deal in her birds and sculptures. Jennifer sells her work from her studio at Sanctuary Arts in Maine and at shows throughout the year.

Stay tuned for a workshop date with her at LF in Summer of 2016. The last one filled up right away…and what fun we had!!