Birds of a Feather Exhibit: Red Crested Cardinal

Red Crested Cardinal by Diana Matusik Densmore featured on

Red Crested Cardinal, Diana Matusik Densmore

“In 2012, my mom and stepfather married in Hawaii … there was one moment where we were sitting outside at a restaurant, and one of these little goofballs bounced up to us, cocked its head, and just gave us the most endearing little look. We had a good laugh from that character, considering we were also watching roosters chase each other up and down the adjacent golf course. Little dinosaurs, they are … It’s a sort of ‘stylized realism,’ a combo of realistic design and cartoon-ish simplicity”

wire armature, core wool, MC-1 Batting, NZ Corriedale in crest

Diana Matusik Densmore, Florida
facebook: framedandfelted

Birds of a Feather Exhibit: Eastern Screech Owl

Felted Eastern Screech Owl by Sonja Oswalt featured on

Eastern Screech Owl, red morph, Sonja Oswalt

“One of my favorite things as a graduate student in Wildlife and Fisheries science was to go spotlighting owls at night. I got to see many of these little guys, and learned to hear and mimic their song. I don’t get in the field much now, but I love these adorable native birds.”

Felted Eastern Screech Owl by Sonja Oswalt featured on

CW-1 Core wool, MC-1 batt in browns and greys, Living Felt corriedale wool

Sonja Weeks-Oswalt, Tennessee
etsy: ConspiracyofLove

Felted St. Nick Sculpture

Felted Santa Claus by Caprice Willert featured on

This St. Nick is sure to be a family heirloom to be treasured.

“I love old St. Nicks. He is my first large sculpture. I used [19] Micron Red prefelt for his coat. Also Corriedale wool in red. MC-1 Merino cross batt in pale peach for his face and hands. White locks for his hair, beard and trim.”

Happy Holidays,
Caprice Willert, California

Realistic Life-Size Squirrel

Felted Squirrel by Tessa Bold featured on

Wow — He looks so real! 🙂

“A life-size squirrel made from Living Felt wools. Core wool over a wire armature and then three different colors of Corriedale for his coat. And of course my favorite horse hair whiskers! I gave him a little wire chest loop so he can hang on a nail like this or hang on a wall like he’s climbing. A great way to display him to keep him away from the cats and dogs who are already freaking out over” there’s a squirrel in the house!”

– Tessa Bold, Texas

Fluffy Felted Dog

Felted Dog by Melanie Litchfield featured on

Isn’t she a beauty?! We just love all that fluff!!

“You all are so nice and I am glad to be in this group of fiber artists …a nice break from finger stabbing ;-}. Here is a commission piece I had trouble giving up but making a new Samoyed now. This girl is made of layers of corriedale and then added fur of different specialty fiber including silk and merino.

She has glass eyes and is about 8″ tall. The core and corriedale wool is from and they also carry silk and merino fibers.”

– Melanie Litchfield, Connecticut

Fabulous Needle Felted Fox

Needle Felted Fox by Shelly Schwartz featured on

What a fabulous little fox!

“I needle felted this fox using wool I purchased from LivingFelt. He is listed for sale on Etsy. I felted him over a wire … using bright white and black onyx Merino-cross fast and toffee Corriedale. I love the wool that you have available and look forward to making many more critters with your products. I have other needles, but mostly I use 38 star and 40 triangle needles. Thank you for always inspiring me with your weekly emails.”

– Shelly Schwartz, Michigan
etsy: rainabedaina

Gorgeous Tiger Needle Felted Painting

Felt Tiger Painting by Pauline Crouse featured on

This gorgeous needle felt “painting” was created by Pauline Crouse as part of her contribution to a fundraiser in Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary in Columbus, Mississippi. It is approximately 8″ x 10″ and needle felted onto commercial felt. She used Living Felt MC-1 Felting Batts, and New Zealand Corriedale for this lovely work of art.

Artist: Pauline Crouse, Mississippi
on Facebook: brownbagbears