Brilliant Nuno Felted Mad Hatter Jacket and Hat

Nuno Felt Mad Hatter Jacket by Sonja Weeks-Oswalt featured on

Astounding, Remarkable, Brilliant! Sonja shared in our fb group how she made this INCREDIBLE hat!!! It took a lot of finagling, but she really pulled it off!

“So i made a hatter jacket to go with the hatter hat. Nuno felt and i have a love hate relationship.

I love the potential but never seem to have enough control (or space). This uses silk chiffon dyed with coffee, asparagus merino, merino luxury batt in forest, and the Autumn leaves artist pack. I adapted the pattern from a Russian dress pattern. Please excuse my sad hatter makeup and selfie timer portrait session.”

– Sonja Weeks-Oswalt, Tennessee

Nuno Felt Jacket by Cynthia Boudreau, "Lakefront..Chicago That Is"

Cynthia-Boudreau-Nuno Felt Jacket

This incredible nuno felt and shibori winter coat was felted by Cynthia Boudreau,
and is entitled “Lakefront…Chicago That Is”.

It placed “Best in Show”  for the 2013 Uncommon Threads Fashion Show
at the Fine Line Creative Art Center in St. Charles Illinois.

Cynthia-Boudreau Nuno Felt Jacket

A beaming Cynthia Boudreau models her prize-winning nuno felted coat.

Cynthia shared with us a bit more about her process for creating this coat and matching hat:

 “I start with white chiffon and hand dye with acid dyes a pattern after clamping, tying etc.  Then I lay out merino wool from some batts and roving adding some silk strands.  I made three pieces of fabric for this coat, one for back, one for both sides of front, and one for sleeves.  I reversed the fabric for the binding so that the shibori dyed side showed.  After cutting and sewing, I sewed on several types of crystals for the stars and small square crystals for windows on the buildings.  I also hand felted a hat and also sewed crystals onto it.”

Cynthia-Boudreau Nuno Felt Jacket

Cynthia had four garments in the show, and above is another entitled, Lincoln Park. The jacket is shibori dyed and nuno felted.
Cynthia enjoys needle felting and nuno felting her creations, and says, “I do enjoy the challenge of creating unique fabric and then constructing one of a kind clothing.   Thank you and Living Felt for all the support you give us Felters!”   ~ Cynthia

Living Felt did a Felting Friends Spotlight on Cynthia in 2012 – so you can read a lot more here:

Plus – for her latest creations, visit her on facebook:
Cynthia A Boudreau Textile Design

Beautiful and Light Daffodil Jacket by Mary Stoner


Mary Stoner of Aaronsburg, PA shared with us this lovely creation she calls her Daffodil Jacket!

It was inspired by a Daffodil Cake she once tasted 🙂

Mary was selected in our April Drawing and Wins a $25 Gift Cerfticate to Living Felt 

Mary says, ” I used a 20 micron extrafine merino prefelt. It came in an 80x 50 inch piece, cobweb thin!   I used a single layer only. (they say to always double it, but I knew i was putting an entire layer of wool roving on it, after I layered the silk hankies and  bombyx silk roving *for sheen* on it)  Then I did felted it etc.  When it was ready, I modified a drop sleeve pattern and cut it so the edges would be featured on the garment, then sewed it together. It is very lightweight and warm. It is an xl size, and I have worn it to see how it wears in general. I have a few things I wold do differently, next time, but it wears well.”

I am very VERY honored to have you consider my offering!  And I love Living Felt. You do so much for so many people.

I loved being part of the bunny drop, the peacefelt project and being part of the LivingFelt Family.