Delightful Felted Fall Creations

Needle Felted Fall Creations by Susan VanLith featured on

Such delightful fall creations and so wonderfully felted!

“Here’s my first attempt at needle felting…even though it’s still warm here, fall is in the air! Made from LF core wool, MC-1batts (including fairytale pumpkin) and LF corriedale :)”

-Susan VanLith, California

Stunning Needle Felted Cat

Needle Felted Cat by Irene Clark featured on

Yet another truly remarkable needle felted cat by Irene Clark. Her realism is just stunning!

“Here is my new polydactyl red tabby (mackerel) kitty. This is a surprise gift for the owner. The cat is facing some health challenges and my heart breaks for the family that has to go through it. The cat is made on a wire armature, all corriedale, reverse needle, glass eyes. I am terribly nervous about this cat because nobody asked me to make it.”

– Irene Clark, Wisconsin

Handsome Felted Gnome

Felted Gnome by Erin Whalen featured on

This very handsome fellow is “Gimmel,” a smartly dressed little gnome by the talented Erin Whalen.

“His core is made from LF Corriedale and also wool from one of my own sheep, Babby. His beard and hair are made from Wensleydale locks. His clothing, including his tiny Concertina hat, are wet felted from Merino. He’s about 8 inches tall.”

– Erin Whalen, Wisconsin

Precious Felted Fawn

Felted Fawn by Bonnie Gerkensmeyer featured on

With no formal introduction, heart melting images of this precious little fawn appeared on our fb page. Some of the items Bonnie has gathered from our shop include: CW-1 Core Wool, Armature 12g and 14g, NZ Corriedale in Camel, MC-1 Batts in a variety of shades onyx, dark chocolate clay, caramel, latte, cafe au lait, cinnamon and more.

Artist: – Bonnie Gerkensmeyer, Ohio

Realistic Needle Felted Cat

Needle Felted Cat by Irene Clark featured on

What a beauty is this little kitty?! From the coat to the pose, she looks incredibly real! This was shared in our Living Felt Friends Group! Irene does not sell her work, but makes gifts and auction donations for various causes.

“I am fascinated with silver tortie cats, there are so many colors in their beautiful fur. And they have lots of personality. I have finally finished my silver tortie Maine Coon “Silvie”. I used all Living Felt supplies. The core is made with corriedale and the long fur is merino tops.”

– Irene Clark, Wisconsin
Felt Accompli

Stunning Felted Waterfall Picture

Stunning Felted Waterfall Picture by Sonja Weeks Oswalt featured on

Nothing short of stunning is this brilliant felted picture by Sonja Weeks Oswalt. She continues to amaze us with her willingness to try new things, and to felt anything her heart desires and her mind can imagine.

“I just finished this waterfall – Lower Grotto Falls in the Great Smoky Mtn national park. … I’ll be matting and forming it to enter into a competition for display in our airport, along with entering my owl sculpture. I don’t expect to win anything, but I’m happier with this painting than any other I’ve done so far. I used a variety of greens from the green merino cross pack, black merino cross, green corriedale, white merino top, bits of tussah silk in green and yellow, and a scattering of wool nepps.

Thanks for all you do!”

– Sonja Weeks Oswalt, Tennessee
etsy: ConspiracyofLove

A Brilliant Felt Painting: Little Bradley Falls

Little Bradley Falls Felt Painting by Tracey McCracken Palmer featured on

By now you have surely seen Tracey’s incredible felt paintings. We always love sharing her new works with you!

Merino top in White, Bitter Chocolate, Black, Kiwi. Tussah silk also in the waterfall. Cross-batt wools in Buttercup, Willow, Black, Dark Chocolate, Bamboo, True Olive, Lemongrass, and Bonsai for the trees and rocks. Corriedale in Natural Light, Medium and Dark also in the rocks… and I’m sure others that I can’t remember!

“Living Felt has a wonderful selection of colors and types of wool for all the different textures I use in my felt paintings, which I wet felt, then needle felt in more details after it’s dry. I use their Merino Cross-batt wools in so many ways – for clouds, trees, leaves, mountains and stones. Their Merino Top and NZ Corriedale is great for skies, water, trees, smooth green fields, and details everywhere, and Tussah Silk makes the best waterfalls – especially when wet felted! All of their different wools also card well to blend colors for shading. Living Felt has everything we felters need, and are so positive and encouraging to us all.

Thanks so much for everything you do, you folks are the best!!”

– Tracey McCracken Palmer
Bonnieblink Studio