Brilliant Wool Storage Organization Idea

Wool Storage Idea by Judy Stodola featured on

The Awesome Wool Organization that FIRED UP our fb group. Some people are already setting up their own version of this innovative storage system! We love it!

“It was time to organize my small work area! I didn’t have room for plastic storage containers so this is what I came up with! I can see all my wool basically at once.


When I run out of a color, I hang the plastic bag at the end and then I know what to order. All bags are labeled with a sample of wool and color name! The gray bags hanging on the left side hold my wet felting supplies!”

– Judy Stodola, Tennessee

Hot Tip: How to Organize and Catalogue Your Wool and Fiber Stash

Fiber Binder to Organize Wool and Fiber by Cherie Davidson featured on


Cherie Davidson of Darlin’ Girl Creations really made our day with the little video she posted of her Swatch Binder! We are always telling people to save back little samples with their label… and look what she did!

“I’ve finally started my fiber samples catalog/inventory binder! I’m excited to be able to flip through this and know what colors I need to re-order. Once I can move into my studio space, I’ll coordinate these with my wool bins and containers for quick inventory checks.

Oh, the wonderful bliss that comes from organization…and wool displayed…”

– Cherie Davidson, Oregon
etsy: Darlin’ Girl Creations


felting fiber craft studio wool or yarn organization

Craft Studio – Fiber Studio Set Up

felting fiber craft studio wool or yarn organization For a long while I looked for pictures and inspiration at how others were organizing their fibers for felting, spinning or weaving. I also looked for pictures at how other were organizing their yarns for knitting or crochet and at craft room pics. I gathered various layouts and considered how I like to work.

I like my wool, fibers, yarns and other main craft supplies out where I can see them. Previously, all of my wool was on bookshelves, but wanting a wide variety of small amounts of colors meant they always looked messy. If you have a wool stash – you understand!

So often we tuck them into plastic bins or tubs, or even bags to keep them all together, but I had the space and wanted them organized and out in the open.

Craft Room Fiber Felting Studio picture

A little while ago on our facebook page, we had a great string going about how to organize our wool. Some folks were using plastic tote bins, others were using hanging shoe organizers, and various other methods.  I recently moved my home studio to a new space – so here is where I have started with my new fiber organization.

This is my color …palette wall, I started it with our MC – 1 STUDIO BUILDER  which includes 36 colors in 6 different color families.  Then I added more of some favorite colors in MC-1 Felting Batts, Merino Top and Merino-Silk Blends. I have a closet of equal length where I can keep larger amounts of fiber, felting  tools, felting machines, bigger craft supplies (like pillow forms and large amount of fabrics) etc. My core wool, flesh tone, white and some other faves are on the left.

I really thought about how I wanted my table to face — I am not a fan of facing the wall and attaching a lot of things to the wall, but I know lots of people like to work that way.  I like having my supplies within close proximity. I like to walk around the table which I can mostly do now, but I can also I can pull it out – add a leaf to make it 81″ long (61″ now), plus I can raise it for wet felting.  For day to day dry work, I have one end adjacent to a wall so I can have a lamp plugged in and a pencil sharpener, sewing machine, felting machine, or scale plugged in without worrying about the cords and me or my pups getting tangled in them.

Craft room picture fiber felting studio organization

The bookshelves are all Ikea…end units and double wide are Hemnes, the middle are Billy with doors to hide the scrappy stuff and stow away locks, silk fabrics, etc.  I have  tall and a medium sized Alex Drawer units – I love those. I am seriously considering putting more in the closet because they are great for separating different kinds of tools and supplies. I also have a Hemnes dresser in there which currently holds paper supplies, fabrics and felting foams (one drawer for each type of thing.)

The cubbies where the wool is are shoe organizers from The Container Store. They were on sale and are not  the same quality as the book shelves, but ooohhhh I LOVE THE CUBBIES!  I seriously considered starting with stacks on the floor and making it really tall!  But then, I wanted to be a bit more modest in my color palette and add to it by the project,  otherwise, the whole wall would be wool and fiber – and I need room for lots of other stuff 🙂

Well, this is just one wall, and the room also has a tapestry loom, sitting area where I like to work on my laptop and knit, large open space and room to breathe – which I like and need. Thanks for sharing – and we’d love to see how your organize your felting supplies and craft room / studio!