Adorable Felt Dog Portrait

Felted Dog Portrait by Sonja Weeks Oswalt featured on

It is NO WONDER that Sonja is getting a waiting list for commissions! This little angel just stole our hearts!

Finn the Dog featured on

“Meet Finn. He is a chi-chinese crested mix. Left at the shelter because his owners thought he was ugly. I think he is awesome.” ~Sonja shared he is no longer at the shelter … now with a friend 🙂
– Sonja Weeks Oswalt, Tennessee

Stunning Felt Dog Portrait

Felted Dog Pet Portrait by Doris Waschinski featured on

This portrait is nothing short of stunning! Visit our fb friends group for pictures of her work in process.

“My portrait of my Zima is finished. It feels so good to have this almost living memorial. I can pet her 🙂 Thank you Living Felt for the inspiring tutorials. I would never have attempted this without your help.”

– Doris Waschinski, Canada

Fluffy Felted Dog

Felted Dog by Melanie Litchfield featured on

Isn’t she a beauty?! We just love all that fluff!!

“You all are so nice and I am glad to be in this group of fiber artists …a nice break from finger stabbing ;-}. Here is a commission piece I had trouble giving up but making a new Samoyed now. This girl is made of layers of corriedale and then added fur of different specialty fiber including silk and merino.

She has glass eyes and is about 8″ tall. The core and corriedale wool is from and they also carry silk and merino fibers.”

– Melanie Litchfield, Connecticut

Stunning Needle Felted Pet Portraits

Needle Felted Dog Wool Painting by Dani Ives featured on

Dani Ives is a talented artist who gives time to her craft every day, and what she creates with our MC-1 Batts is beyond stunning! She sells custom pet portraits, her original art and prints on Etsy, plus she teaches classes and inspires thousands daily through her Instagram posts.

Needle Felted Dog Wool Painting by Dani Ives featured on

“I use Living Felt’s wool batts almost exclusively in my wool paintings. The batts felt so easily, and the high quality allows me to blend colors and control the fibers to create small details that make a huge impact in my fiber art.”

Dani Ives
etsy: goodnaturedart

Needle Felted Cow by Dani Ives featured on

Needle Felted Chicken by Dani Ives featured on

Felted Cat Cave is Gorgeous!

Felted Cat Cave by Giovanna-Montalbetti on

Giovanna is felting with us all the way from Spain! She felted over a resist from the wet felting a slipper kit and also over a ball. In late December of last year she wet felted this Cat Cave for her beloved Oni.

“He always loved water and flowers, so I tried to evoke a kind of Monet water lilies sort of look. This was the last thing I was able to do for my cat as he passed away on February. He meant the world to me. In this project I first used the Ball Brause Sprinkler Tool. I also used the Emerald forest pack for the leaf border decoration and for the pale green highlights in the water.”

felted cat caves of Susanne Karg Dornröschen Filzunikate

Amazing Felted Cat Caves!

Felted Cat Cave by Susanne Karg


Kicking off our FELTED PETS & GIFTS FOR PETS theme this week is a full array of the most brilliantly designed
felted cat caves by Susanne Karg of Germany.   Susanne has been felting for about 12 years,
and shared with us that it was her first cat cave (shown above) with her precious Lissi inside that kicked off the felting a cat crave craze 🙂

Since her first felted cat cave, Susanne has taken the design and adventure to new heights.

Felted Cat Cave by Susanne Karg Felted Cat Cave by Susanne Karg Felted Cat Cave by Susanne Karg    Felted Cat Cave by Susanne Karg Felted Cat Cave by Susanne Karg

Our thanks to Susanne for reaching out to us and offering to share her work!
See more from her – in addition to her felted cat caves, Susanne also makes lovely felt apparel.

You can visit more with Susanne on her blog:  (translate it with Bing)

Her felted cat caves are also for sale both on etsy and DaWanda
Susanne’s company is called :Dornröschen Filzunikate