Mother and Child Blended Wool Picture

Mother and Child Blended Wool Picture by Yuliya Chayka featured on

“Mother and Child”, Yuliya Chayka (in English letters) St. Petersburg, Russia

This week we share with you four different artists who have created art works on similar subjects, using four very different approaches to create a 2D work of fiber art.

“My dear friends!! On December 24, on the eve of the Catholic Christmas, two years ago my daughter Sonya was born!! This is the great Christmas gift) Probably, it’s no coincidence, I managed to finish my new woolen picture “Mother and Child” today!

Merry Christmas to all!”

This amazing “wool picture” is not felted. Yuliya hand blends the wool in small amounts and builds the picture up layer by layer until is framed under glass. She is using small amounts of fine Merino Top in tiny pinches. The process is much like that used for wet felting a picture, but she does not needle felt it or wet felt at all.

This image was shared in our facebook group – and there is a video (albeit in Russian) where she demonstrates her methods.

If you go to our fb group, search Yuliya Chayka

Wet Felted African Safari Elephants

Wet Felted African Scene with Mama and Baby Elephant

Wet Felted African Safari Elephants

Look at this beautiful felted picture from Jacqueline Kennedy-Green of Alberta, Canada!
She has truly captured that traditional African sunset we have all come to recognize in imagery of what is a far off land for so many of us, yet the addition of the Mama and Baby elephant silhouettes offers a sweet and moving touch.

Jacqueline needle felted this project using Living Felt Merino Cross Batt True Red, White, Lemon Peel, Black Onyx, and Indigo and then finished it with wet felting.

Jacqueline created this amazing piece for a charity fund raiser. We appreciate her wonderful creation and expect to see many more amazing things coming from her!