Lovely Needle Felted Flower Pincushion

Needle Felted Pincushion by JoAnn Stratakos featured on

We shared this lovely piece during our Wooly Wednesday broadcast earlier this week — isn’t if sweet? JoAnn always tags us on facebook with #livingfeltwool. We love seeing what she’s up to!

“Wanted to share my pincushion with this week’s themed colors! I used my own pottery base (I own MudWorks Pottery in Pennsylvania) and Living Felt’s core wool and several MC 1 preferred batts! Love your products and really love the customer service! “

-JoAnn Stratakos, Pennsylvania

Fun Felted Cards & Gifts to Give and Treasure!

 Our theme this week is felted cards and gifts! Here are just a few
ideas of small felted treasures for yourself or someone you love.
Join us on facebook to share yours!

This wonderful and whimsical needle felted pin cushion
was made by Karen of Liongate Farm.  Her shop has a great
collection of somewhat “primitive” crafts.

felted soap

Felted soaps are a fun and easy gift to make!
These colorful abstract soaps were made by Donna Brau of Minnesota.
We have a free tutorial on making felted soap here.  

needle felted pin cushion with mushrooms or toadstools foxtail creek studio

Janine Gardner of Foxtail Creek Studio creates precious, nature inspired
treasures. This toadstool pincushion is just one example; definitely worth a visit to her shop.
We own one of her mini sculptures … they are just as darling in person.

felted aceo card bird

Sharon Yoder of PA has a variety of little felted treasures in her shop, fruits and veggie ornaments, felted eggs,
and mini cards like this one. Her shop is also on etsy and is called Syodercrafts.

 felted brooch with tree and moon

What a wonderful gift this would make!
Creating a lovely needle felted brooch this tiny requires love, patience and attention to detail!
Crafted by Svetlana in Rotterdam, Netherlands, it measures approx. 3″ x 3.5″
Her etsy shop is called Wool Feel

daria lvovsky felted birthday card with waldorf doll holding present

Daria Lvovsky on etsy has a great style within the style of Waldorf…in this pic,
she has turned her little sculpture into a birthday card by creating a “setting” taking a picture, and printing it on a card.
This one is a Happy Birthday greeting card.

A Cute and Creative Sewing Companion! ~ by Sharry Johnson

needle felted pin cushion

needle felted pin cushion

needle felted pin cushion

needle felted pin cushion

needle felted pin cushion

needle felted pin cushion

needle felted pin cushion

needle felted pin cushion

Sharry Johnson of  Rutledge, TN needle felted this adorable “Tigger” to serve both as a pin cushion and measuring tape! What a great idea! Visit her web store to see more of these wonderful creations!

“I have just begun to needle felt and love it and have gotten the mouse kit from you plus many colors of roving etc.  So as you can see I’m on my way to adding this to my wealth of craft interests!  I have been creating pin cushion animals with tape measures in them for about a year now and my method was sewing and stuffing with fiber fill.  My friends convinced me to set up a shop  as my shelves were overloaded with critters and crafts and I needed a way to get rid of them.  My shop is but most of my critters have been sold now and are under pictured under  “Sales” on the right side of my shops home page if you are so inclined to see what started this all. 

I decided now to create with felting since it is my new favorite medium and it lends so well to this application.  This is a wonderful exciting learning process for me at the young age of 70.  Thanks for all your help and encouragement.”

~Sharry Johnson  aka SharryJo ~ Rutledge, TN