Beautiful Nuno Felt Flower Scarf

Nuno Felted Flowers Scarf by Irene Clark featured on

We love how beautifully this scarf and the flowers came out!

“Attempted nunofelting a large flower onto a silk gauze. I am happy with it as a first attempt. I only did one end of the scarf so I can learn something before I start the other end.

I followed Marie Spaulding’s instructions [to avoid puckering] – cold water, rub and roll, no wad or throw, no cold/hot rinse.

I only added one improvisation, which is ironing while still wet from the reverse.


Update: my pansies scarf is now officially finished on both sides, I am adding more progress and finished photos. Thank you for your lovely feedback!”

– Irene Clark, Wisconsin

A Impressive Beginner’s Nuno Felted Neck Wrap

Nuno Felt Wrap Scarf by Thayer Abigail featured on

From self pro-claimed “newbie” status to Rockin’ Felted Neck Wrap…in just one day ๐Ÿ™‚ Within a day of downloading our Nuno Felting Tutorial for a highly textured neck wrap or scarf…Thayer made this! She used a variety of fibers including Merino Top in Teal, Lagoon, and Ruby along with locks and her own silk and embellishments.

“I made my first project! See photos in the comments!!! Thank you so much for adding me. I’m going to try to not be too much of an over-excited newbie.”

– Thayer Abigail, Louisiana


Wet Felted Cobweb Scarf in Beach theme by Helene Dalmar

Felted Cobweb Style Scarf in Beach Theme

Wet Felted Cobweb Scarf Beach by El Dalmar Wet Felted Cobweb Scarf in Beach theme by Helene Dalmar

This gorgeous wet felted cobweb scarf is perfect for our theme this week!
Created by El Dalmar of Balziers, France, this lovely scarf is rich in color and texture.

Wet Felted Cobweb Scarf in Beach theme by Helene Dalmar

The cobweb method for wet felting a scarf is quite fun — creating intentionally thin areas and areas with holes.
Notice how Helene used yarns, locks and different fibers to accent and create dimension. This is a lovely work of wearable art!

See more from Helene on her blog

Living Felt offers a kit for making a cobweb scarf,
and really fun Specialty Designer packs for surface design interest.

Raspberry Lattice Scarf by Kate Koprowski of HandiCraftKate

Nuno Felted Lattice Scarf: Bold, Feminine & Raspberry!

Raspberry Lattice Scarf by Kate Koprowski of HandiCraftKate

Raspberry Lattice Scarf by Kate Koprowski of HandiCraftKate

Accent your next outing with this hand dyed nuno felted scarf/shawl, felted by Kate Koprowski. What a lovely accessory for a Spring day or evening, we love rich the color combined with the lattice pattern for a light-weight yet luxurious feeling.

Kate shares, “…this hand dyed raspberry lattice scarf with a 50/50 merino silk blend. A blend this high gives the scarf a beautiful shine and luster and also excellent drape. The lattice grid has been bonded with handwoven mulberry silk using the wet felting technique nuno felting. It is very lightweight and is long enough to be wrapped around the neck easily.”

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If you hurry, you can have the scarf for your very own or find more lovely felted treasures
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