Felted Fashionable Accessory

Felted Fashion Scarf by Kathleen Simon featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

“Am invited to show my wall hangings at a gallery in Winston so had to make something to wear to “stand out” as a felter. Kinda like all those gorgeous designs you see on Pinterest with descriptions you can’t read cause who knows what language it is. Anyway this was my attempt at “fashion”. Thank you Marie for all your Wooly Wednesday “tips””

– Kathleen Simon, North Carolina

Nuno Needle and Wet Felt Lighthouse Shawl

Beautiful Wet Felt Shawl by Lois Lahman

Nuno Needle and Wet Felt Lighthouse Shawl

This gorgeous shawl was felted by Lois Lahman! She made it to resemble the place she grew up- Fire Island, NY. She noted the little red wagon, saying, “It is common practice to use a little red wagon to transport your luggage from the ferries to your beach house, and they are also used to transport groceries from the little market to your vacation house.”

Nuno Needle and Wet Felt Lighthouse Shawl

Lois started this project with a cotton base, then nuno felted several different silksLiving Felt Merino Silk Blend Black Currant, Silk Blend Ocean, Tussah Silk Top White– then needle felted the various decorations onto it. She also included bead work, quilt stitching, and embroidery to finish this magnificent shawl.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece with us, Lois! We hope to see your name many more times!