Wooly Wednesday Dyeing Fun

Wooly Wednesday
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March 21 @ 2pm CST

Join us for a fun, interactive gathering of friends!

Last week we celebrated our 14th B-Day LIVE with friends, dyeing fibers!

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This Year’s Group Theme:

Scenes from our last broadcast:

Wooly Wednesday Felting Broadcast featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Living Felt turned 14 on March 14th this year! Many thanks to our friends for felting with us and keeping our community warm, friendly and growing!

Wooly Wednesday Felting Broadcast featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Marie discussed “why dye” and shared a few things from her own stash that she has hand dyed. These locks were dyed with Jacquard acid dye in a kettle, the color is Lilac.

Wooly Wednesday Dyeing Workspace featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

We looked at basic set up and safety of your work space, person and tools. We discussed heating methods such as solar dyeing, a stove top pot, electric kettle and microwave. We forgot to mention the importance of a thermometer…get one in the food gadgets aisle of your local grocery. We also discussed a few ways to apply dye, and how to prepare your fabric or fiber.

Wooly Wednesday Dyeing Silk Fabric featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

We applied dye to silk fabrics for microwaving with squeeze bottles and pipettes. Anne used natural food coloring which will produce a mild color and may not be very color fast, but fun and safe for kiddos.

Marie used Jacquard Acid dyes in Sapphire, Navy and Black on Margilan Silk yardage. The “acid” is just food grade white vinegar.

Wooly Wednesday Sprinkle Dyed Locks featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Next we “sprinkle dyed” locks with the acid dyes. You can do this for low immersion dyeing as we do in our kettle, or for the microwave, or even solar dyeing.

Dyed Silk featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

This is the silk we dyed during the broadcast. Notice how the colors go from Sapphire to Navy to Black…it was so easy!

Dyed Silk featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Marie decided to wear it and keep it for her stash.

See the full broadcast in our group LIVING FELT FRIENDS under VIDEOS.

This one is not on Youtube yet, but we will get it up soon….then it will be under WOOLY WEDNESDAY PLAYLIST.

Lovely Felted Virgin Mary

Felted Virgin Mary by Kimberly Pulli featured on www.livingfelt.com/blogMother Mary, Kimberly Pulli, Pennsylvania

This week we share with you four different artists who have created art works on similar subjects, using four very different approaches to create a 2D work of fiber art.

Kimberly Pulli of Pulli’s Woollies is fast becoming known for her incredible art work purses featuring unique and beautiful faces of women. This lovely Virgin Mary is on a purse that was a gift for her Mother-in-Law. Kimberly wet felts the purse and uses it as a canvas. Her process includes both wet felting and needle felting in stages.

She uses Living Felt MC-1 Batts, Merino Tops, Luster Fibers, Silk Fabrics and other fibers for her textural art works.

We are very excited that Kimberly will come teach a class at Living Felt this summer.

Felting Faces Class with Kimberly Pulli featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

We still have space in her 3-day class in July. It is going to be fun!

Amazing Needle Felted Rendition of Botticelli’s Madona

Needle Felted Botticelli's Madona by Debra Bosio Riley featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

A Needle Felted Rendition of Botticelli’s Madona
– by Debra Bosio Riley, Michigan

This week we share with you four different artists who have created art works on similar subjects, using four very different approaches to create a 2D work of fiber art.

First, Debra posted this amazing piece in our facebook group and blew us all away. Lots of questions were asked, and below we have included snippets of her responses to the community. She shared that most of her fibers were from Living Felt MC-1 Batts — and some of the facial colors she dyed with kool-aid. She drew the outlines for the art free-hand. She was very generous to show the work in different stages and share that the detail and shading comes in layers.

“Mostly wool needle felted, just a bit of buttercup silk embroidery thread for the crown, and other embellishments. Finished this last week. I did this to teach myself… It’s done after a detail of Sandro Boticcelli’s Madona el Magnificant.

I took a square of white silk fabric and placed it over a similar size piece of 1/8″ thick white wool felt. These I pinned onto a foam felting block, then I drew the image onto the silk with a felt tipped pen.

I stabbed all of it. I called it painting because that’s the only way I could describe it. I’m fairly new to needle felting, and this is all needle felted.

… I’m a beginner really, though I have spent my life as a painter. Here is a photo of a few layers as I went. I drew the image on silk backed by white wool felt. It may help you get an idea of how I did this. Layers, lots of layers.”

Needle Felted Botticelli's Madona by Debra Bosio Riley featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Wintry Felted Snowmen

Felted Snowman by Marjolein Wolverson featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Marjolein made her base shapes out of core wool, and then wrapped then in 19.5 micron prefelt, they look wonderful!

“My mom’s present is well on its way! Thank you LF for Lilly white prefelt! It’s that wonderful, I don’t want to use it!”

– Marjolein Wolverson, UK

Felted Snowmen by Woo Hofford featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

What fabulous little night lights these would make!

“Wet felting projects done this past weekend thanks to a prompt order of lily white merino top and some white tussah silk from Living Felt–thanks guys!!”

– Woo Hofford, Pennsylvania

You can make your own felted snowman using our Needle Felting Snowman and Ornaments Kit. This kit is packed so full of FUN that we can barely get it closed!! It includes enough wool and other supplies for 1 snowman and two ornaments, or 2 snowmen or more ornaments!

Felting Faces Workshop

Felting Faces Workshop featured on www.LivingFelt.com/blog

Felting Faces – The Parrot Lady with Kimberly Pulli

Call us with questions 1- 877-665-5790

Date: July 19-21, 2018
Time: 9am- 4pm Thursday- Saturday

Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Location: LIVING FELT 14121 W. Hwy 290, Bldg 2A Austin, TX 78737

Materials Fee: $0
The shop is supplying all of the wool for this project, over 13oz of fine Merino top, plus embellishment and textural fibers, use of shop tools.

Skill Level for this Workshop: Suitable for all levels, some wet felting experience very helpful. We will be rolling our felt which requires some physical exertion. Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

Workshop Description:

“Felting Faces” using nuno, wet and needle felting techniques. We will have fun felting a flat piece featuring the Parrot Lady together, which consists of merino wool, MC-1, silk, yarn, nepps and hankies.
Kimberly will share with you all of her techniques for creating these beautiful works of art in wool. Together, the participants will felt “The Parrot Lady”. Techniques learned from this project will support
your future artworks and explorations. At the end of the class, Kimberly will be draw a name and one of the students will take home the artwork Kimberly made in the class!

More Info or Register Here

Eco Printing Workshop

Eco Printing Workshop featured on www.LivingFelt.com/blog

Eco Printing Workshop: with Dawn Edwards of Felt So Right

Call us with questions 1- 877-665-5790

Date: June 15-16, 2018
Time: FRI & SAT 9am – 4pm
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Location: LIVING FELT 14121 W. Hwy 290, Bldg 2A Austin, TX 78737

Materials Fee: $0
Free habotai or chiffon yardage provided by shop
Students may purchase silk scarves or yardage and felt yardage from the shop.
Students may bring silk fabrics and felted object(s) to print onto.
*See workshop calendar if you wish to come felt an item before this class with the intent of eco-printing it.

Eco-Printing – Combining Felt and Nature
If you are not familiar with eco-printing, also known as botanical printing, it quite simply refers to leaves and plant matter that print when bundled and simmered for a period of time. Eco-printing differs from ‘natural dyeing’…while both use natural plant materials, natural dyeing more commonly results in a fabric being dyed in one particular color. With eco-printing, you will actually see the wonderful leaf prints on your piece. Eco-printing is gaining in popularity all around the world…Come and find out why.

Using simple, natural plant materials, we will transform our felt through the extraction of color using eco-dyeing techniques, a method discovered by Textile Artist India Flint. Dawn will bring along a selection of eco-printed samples for participants to study and she’ll explain how she achieved the results. We’ll discuss bundling methods and then we’ll move on to wrapping our own felt bundles. Once wrapped, the bundles will be heated for several hours to aid the release of colors from the leaf matter.

As, this is an introduction to eco-printing in a condensed format, our focus will be printing on felt. After our felt pieces go into the pot and while our bundles are simmering, you may wish to bundle a couple of undyed silk or silk/wool blend scarves (heavier weight silks, such as Habotai, print better than lighter weight silks). If we have enough pots/burners to accommodate all of the bundles, we’ll add these pieces to the pot, and if not, you will be able to take your bundles home to continue your experimentation. We will keep printing until the time and pot space runs out.

Note from Dawn: Please remember, only protein fibers will be suitable for this workshop (silk and wool both being protein fibers). Cotton/linen, etc. are cellulose fibers and require a different approach, so won’t work for this process.

Day 1:
Get familiar with the eco printing process and results using the plants brought and gathered to this workshops. Day one is a great day to print on felt yardage for placemats and/or table runners or to use in other projects.

Day 2:
Building on the results and discoveries from day one, print onto hand felted items. Bring your own thin nuno felt scarves, lap top sleeve, hat, small purse or blouse/tunic.
Keep in mind the projects cannot be overly large so that there is room in the pots for everyone. Folded width should be 12″ or smaller. If you are uncertain or have questions – call the shop.

More Info or Register Here

Beautiful Felted Bird Portrait

Felted Bird Portrait by Rachel Carter featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

“I love experimenting with new techniques and generally becoming braver with my ideas. This piece is my newest that I made yesterday; I made prefelt out of black merino and alpaca with rainbow silk, cut out the shape of the bird and assembled everything on black prefelt. The background has merino, yak, and baby camel/silk blends. I already have ideas for my next experiment with this style!”

– Rachel Carter, Orgeon
Rock and Flower Felt