Happy Little Felted Sunflower Fairy

Felted Sunflower Fairy by Carol Krajnick featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

A very happy little fellow, he would brighten anyone’s day!

“I just finished up this Sunflower Fairy. It was difficult to photograph. There is more depth of color than is showing up here. I loved the MC-1 Chestnut for the face, perfect shade of brown!”

– Carol Krajnick, Wisconsin

Gorgeous Wet Felted Sunflower Picture

Gorgeous Felted Sunflower Picture by Cindy Lee featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

What a gorgeous felted picture! We love how wholesome it is, simple and sweet. But what really warms our hearts is to get a submission such as this from someone who has been felting with us since 2010. You may have seen some of Cindy’s needle felted “Jazz Cats” featured on our NZ Corriedale packs. We love seeing you explore and try new things!

“Hello my friends. I wanted to share with you my first wet felted painting. This was really fun. The felting was laid out on a piece of your pre-felt sheet (looking forward to trying some of the colors) and felted with the palm washboard (what a great tool!)

I started with a 12″x12″ square and felted it to a 10″x10″. The felt is quite solid a although I probably could have shrunk it some more. That’s what I love about that palm washboard is I can see what I’m doing, work organic edges that are more controlled and evaluate when I want to stop. Thanks for being my “go-to” felt place.”

– Cindy Lee, California

Wet and Needle Felted Red Poppy Flower

Beautiful Wet and Needle Felted Creations by Vera Runova

Needle Felted Red Cherries With Leaf and Stem

These amazing creations were made by Vera Runova of Minnesota! Originally from Kazakhstan, Vera was familiar with wet felting the traditional Kazakh “yurtas.” She said, “I never thought that felt could be amazingly light, beautiful, bright colored and be putty in your hands.” We couldn’t agree more Vera!

Wet and Needle Felted Flowers on Bag

In all these creations, Vera wet felts her base, then needle felts the finishing touches to give panache.

Wet and Needle Felted Red Poppy Flower

This beautiful poppy was wet felted with Living Felt New Zealand Pack Spanish Fiesta. The detail is just amazing!

Wet and Needle Felted Glasses Case with Sunflower

Vera is new to felting but you would never be able to tell! Her wonderful creations are an inspiration to us all!

Thank you Vera for sharing your wonderful and amazing felted projects!

Vera uses a lot of merino top in her projects, and you can try the Living Felt kit for Wet Felting Flowers to make your own!