Beautiful Campfire Felt Picture

Felted Campfire Painting by Suzanne Cabrera Towry featured on

We love the perspective in this piece!

“Happy weekend everyone! My latest piece, “Conversations by the Campfire” 18″ x 24″. Inspired by John Muir and President Theodore Roosevelt’s historic camping trip under the stars, where John would persuade the president to save and protect more land for our national parks. :)”

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Suzanne Cabrera Towry, North Carolina

"Mossy Haven" by Tracey McCracken Palmer of Bonnieblink Studio, felt picture with fiber from

Mossy Haven – Felt “Painting”

Bonnieblink Studio"Mossy Haven" by Tracey McCracken Palmer of Bonnieblink Studio, felt picture with fiber from“Mossy Haven”

Tracey McCracken Palmer is a true inspiration.
Her felted art work is exquisite, realistic and rich.
Her work can be seen at the Twigs and Leaves Gallery
in Waynesville, NC and at the Southern Highland Craft Guild
in Biltmore Village at Asheville, NC.
“For “Mossy Haven” I used a photo I took a few years ago
of a wonderful mossy bank, where the huge rounded clumps of moss growing
on the stones coming down from the tree just thrilled me when I saw it.
I knew it would be a felting one day! I changed it just a bit,
making the tree larger and digging the fox a cozy spot for a nap
below the tree roots. I also added the trail up to her mossy haven.
I wet felted the basic scene, leaving much of the mistiness
in the background untouched, then needle felted the details
in the trees, moss & fox”

Tracey always knows the colors she has used! 🙂

MC-1 batts – Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon Brown, Birch,
Driftwood, Oatmeal, Willow, Dark Chocolate, True Olive,
Lemon Grass, Bright White
Corriedale – Olive, Kiwi, Lima, Butterscotch, Toffee,
Natural White, Black, Cocoa, Natural Light, Nat. Medium, Nat. Dark

Merino top – Black, Bitter Chocolate, Lima Bean, Smoke
(Some of these are carded together for other colors too)
You can follow Tracey on fb @ Bonnieblink Studio

Wonderful needle felted jewelry and accessories

What a wonderful gift this would make!
Creating a lovely needle felted brooch this tiny requires love, patience and attention to detail!
Crafted by Svetlana in Rotterdam, Netherlands, it measures approx. 3″ x 3.5

needle felted brooch jewelry

We love her wonderful felted jewelry, adornments and gifts.

Pay her a visit in her etsy shop:   WoolFeel


Wet Felted African Safari Elephants

Wet Felted African Scene with Mama and Baby Elephant

Wet Felted African Safari Elephants

Look at this beautiful felted picture from Jacqueline Kennedy-Green of Alberta, Canada!
She has truly captured that traditional African sunset we have all come to recognize in imagery of what is a far off land for so many of us, yet the addition of the Mama and Baby elephant silhouettes offers a sweet and moving touch.

Jacqueline needle felted this project using Living Felt Merino Cross Batt True Red, White, Lemon Peel, Black Onyx, and Indigo and then finished it with wet felting.

Jacqueline created this amazing piece for a charity fund raiser. We appreciate her wonderful creation and expect to see many more amazing things coming from her!