Beautiful Nuno Felt Flower Scarf

Nuno Felted Flowers Scarf by Irene Clark featured on

We love how beautifully this scarf and the flowers came out!

“Attempted nunofelting a large flower onto a silk gauze. I am happy with it as a first attempt. I only did one end of the scarf so I can learn something before I start the other end.

I followed Marie Spaulding’s instructions [to avoid puckering] – cold water, rub and roll, no wad or throw, no cold/hot rinse.

I only added one improvisation, which is ironing while still wet from the reverse.


Update: my pansies scarf is now officially finished on both sides, I am adding more progress and finished photos. Thank you for your lovely feedback!”

– Irene Clark, Wisconsin

Felted Fashionable Accessory

Felted Fashion Scarf by Kathleen Simon featured on

“Am invited to show my wall hangings at a gallery in Winston so had to make something to wear to “stand out” as a felter. Kinda like all those gorgeous designs you see on Pinterest with descriptions you can’t read cause who knows what language it is. Anyway this was my attempt at “fashion”. Thank you Marie for all your Wooly Wednesday “tips””

– Kathleen Simon, North Carolina

Beautiful Wet Felted Hat

Wet Felted Hat by Steve Whalen featured on

Steve Whalen is felting with his wife, Erin, and we were so happy to receive this submission for this hat he made! His hats weigh 4.5 – 5oz and are wet felted over a resist, and then shaped on a hat block. This one is made with Living Felt MC-1 Felting Batts True Violet and accented with Multi-Colored Merino Top Cranberry.

A note from Erin:

“I consider myself extremely lucky to have a hubby who spins, weaves and now, wet felts! We’ve taken several wet felting classes together and have since modified and improved our techniques.

We’ve recently started making wet felted hats over a resist. This is my husband’s latest hat. I’m a little biased, but I think his work is fabulous! It’s amazing how straight he can get the brim. (Real men DO wet felt – LOL!!)”

artist: Steve Whalen, Wisconsin

A Winning Pair of Needle Felted Slippers

Pat DiPasqua’s needle felted slippers were entered into the NYState Fair and took 2nd place in wearable items. They were completely needle felted.

Pat says, “So exciting and all with your wonderful merino wool! Thank you so much!

Pat used Living Felt’s white Eco foam, traced her daughter ‘s foot on paper, then traced the paper pattern on the foam. She covered each side of the template overlapping the edges and felted snugly around using several thin layers of core wool.

I made an oval template on paper, traced it on the wool on one side, cut an opening for the foot to go in, removed the white foam , stuffed the slippers with gray foam that was cut into strips.

Pat “built” the slipper by adding more felt and shaping as she went along . She used merino batts , a combination of greens that were left over from other projects and combined the colors by needle felting until there was enough felt,  and then shaped to fit her daughter’s foot size.

 She used cookie cutters for the flowers using merino cross in yellows and greens and attached them in layers by felting them to the slippers . Puff paint on the bottom make the slippers skid free. They are very tightly needle felted.

 “I owe it all to Living Felt for your wonderful products.”