Watch Our Wet Felting Flowers Tutorial

Wet Felted Flowers on a Hat by Ruth Dykstra featured on

Ruth Wins a Felting Goody Box!!!

Ruth posted this wonderful hat adorned with the flowers she felted during our live felt-a-long last Wednesday. Aren’t they fabulous?!

– Ruth Dykstra, Illinois

Wet Felted Flowers Tutorial for Wooly Wednesday featured on

Wet Felting Flowers!
felt a long with us!

Last Wednesday we had a lot of fun wet felting flowers during our fb LIVE broadcast! Already a few of our friends are sharing the flowers they felted along with us!

Even more are showing up as people watch the replay. You can too, right here on youtube.

Next Wooly Wednesday:
May 2 @ 2pm Central Time

Felting Simple Cards & Pictures with MC-1 Batting

  • blend colors for lovely transitions
  • needle felt or wet felt
  • add embellishments & details

Catch it live on Living Felt Friends

Needle and Wet Felted Purple Flowers Purse

Wonderful Wet Felted Projects by Vera Runova

Needle and Wet Felted Fish Purse

 All of these wonderful and beautiful creations were felted by Vera Runova of Minnesota!

Needle and Wet Felted Gray Purse with Blue Flowers

  This purse was made for her sister’s birthday! She felted it using New Zealand Corriedale Natural Medium, natural light, Merino Top Lima Bean and Lagoon.

Wet Felted White and Pink Flower

 These wet felted flowers were part of a series Vera made using Merino Top to create delicate, beautiful flowers. If you would like to make your own wet felted flowers, try Living Felt Wet Felting Flowers Kit!

Wet Felted White and Pink Flower

Wet Felted White and Pink Flower

Wet Felted White and Pink Flower

Wet Felted Blue and Green Flower

 These wonderful nuno felted scarves were Vera’s first attempt! Wow! You can’t tell at all! They came out really well! Vera also says that she used Living Felt  Merino Top Fuschia, Raspberry, Marigold, Honey, Lima Bean, Garden Ivy and a Silk Scarf.

Needle and Wet Felted Purple Flowers Purse

 This wonderful purse, Vera says, is her latest project. She used purple clemtis flowers (made using Merino Top Purple and Violet) to pop against the neutral tones of the purse (made with New Zealand Corriedale Natural Medium and Natural Dark). “Scraps of real silk fabric were used to make an interesting structure and composition. The Living Felt Bamboo Mat is a great way to perfect the round handles,” Vera said.

Needle and Wet Felted Purple Flowers Purse

 Thank you for sharing your amazing creations with us, Vera, and great job!

Felted Flowers – A Great Gift for Mother's Day!

Mother’s Day is On It’s Way!

What felted treasures will your Mom receive this year?

In honor of Mother’s Day, here is a collection of items to consider for crafting or purchase from our mutual Felting Friends!

Wet Felting Flower Kit


Consider Gifting Her Some Hand Felted Flowers, wet felted flowers are so fun to make!
These stacked layers can be wet felted all at once, or you can add felting embellishments on as well!
Get the wet felting flowers kit 



These are some lovely felt flowers made by Larisa in the UK.

Needle Felted Flowers Kit

Needle felted flowers could also be a fun project…you can make them in any size from super tiny to big and bulky!
Get the needle felting flowers kit 

This wonderful flower is needle felted by Tatiana of Latvia in Europe. She has been needle felting for about two years and says
the more I do the more I like it :). I love receiving positive feedback from my Etsy customers, it is very motivational and inspiring to see that my creations can be found all over the world. I hope that someday, I will have time for larger and more demanding projects and will be able to hold my own exhibition.

First Feltings! Wet Felted Shawl and Flowers ~ Linda Jackson

Wet Felted Shawl

Wet Felted Shawl

Wet Felted Flowers

Wet Felted Flowers

Wet Felted Flowers

Wet Felted Flowers

These beautiful pieces were felted by Linda Jackson of Vicksburg, MS.  The texture of that shawl is wonderful! And the flowers are beautiful, I especially love that white one 🙂  Flowers like this can be make with the Wet Felting Flowers Kit, and those Locks looks gorgeous inside!

“Here are a few of my first pieces of felt.  I have already sold  all of my flowers. It is really fun.”
Linda Jackson ~ Vicksburg, MS