Beautiful Wet Felted Hat

Wet Felted Hat by Steve Whalen featured on

Steve Whalen is felting with his wife, Erin, and we were so happy to receive this submission for this hat he made! His hats weigh 4.5 – 5oz and are wet felted over a resist, and then shaped on a hat block. This one is made with Living Felt MC-1 Felting Batts True Violet and accented with Multi-Colored Merino Top Cranberry.

A note from Erin:

“I consider myself extremely lucky to have a hubby who spins, weaves and now, wet felts! We’ve taken several wet felting classes together and have since modified and improved our techniques.

We’ve recently started making wet felted hats over a resist. This is my husband’s latest hat. I’m a little biased, but I think his work is fabulous! It’s amazing how straight he can get the brim. (Real men DO wet felt – LOL!!)”

artist: Steve Whalen, Wisconsin

Awesome Fire Mountain Designer Pack Felted Ensemble

Nuno Felted Scarf and Wet Felted Hat by Sonja Weeks Oswalt featured on

We challenged the ever-adventurous Sonja Weeks Oswalt of Tennessee to felt up anything she felt inspired to with our Fire Mountain Designer Pack, and she made this awesome ensemble.

Fire Mountain Designer Pack featured on

She added approx. 2oz of additional fiber so she could make all 3 pieces. The scarf is nuno felted and the silk was initially dyed with Kool-Aid. The wrist warmers were wet felted over a resist, we have a free video lesson for this, and the hat was first wet felted flat and then shaped over a hat block.

Nuno Felted Scarf and Wet Felted Hat by Sonja Weeks Oswalt featured on She used the Fire Mountain Designer Pack.

The wrist warmers can shrink quite a bit!

Wet Felted Wrist Warmers by Sonja Weeks Oswalt featured on


Wet felted hats over gertie ball

Felting With Friends- Wet Felted Hats

Wet felted hats over gertie ball

For their fun girls getaway, these women decided to make some wet felted hats! Suzy Whitney taught her friends how to wet felt a hat on a gertie ball– what a fun weekend idea!

They look like they had a lot of fun- hats make a great holiday gift.🙂

If you would like to make your own felted hat, try out our Living Felt needle felting a hat kit.

brown and green needle and wet felted hat

Needle Felted Structured Hat

brown and green needle and wet felted hat

Jeanne Cote of Quebec needle and wet felted this wonderful hat using the Living Felt Needle Felting a Hat Kit. She used Merino Cross Batt Bamboo and Willow for the color options.

We really love how she wet felted so much structure into it.

Jeanne says, “I love felting, it is sublime!” We agree with you Jeanne!

If you would like to see your own creation on this blog, send us pictures at You will also be entered into our weekly $25 gift card drawing!

Beautiful Ocean Inspired Needle Wet Felted Sculptures

Beautiful, Unique, Ocean Inspired Sculptures

Beautiful Ocean Inspired Needle Wet Felted Sculptures

These beautiful and unique sculptures were needle and wet felted by Peter McMasters of Wisconsin.

The middle white piece was made with Alpaca and Mohair fibers. He needle felted it then finished the look by wet felting it.

All of the other pieces were made in sections. First the tentacles were felted using a variety of wet felt techniques while still leaving the ends dry to needle felt right into the base of the sculpture. The object in the lower left is felted around glass, so the wool could be cut away to reveal the glass underneath.

Peter usually felts wearables- hats (made using Living Felt Needle Felting Hat Forms), scarves, and purses- but upon invitation to the Iowa Sculpture Festival he decided to show them what wool is really capable of- magnificence!

Thank you for sharing your remarkable sculptures with us, Peter!

To see more of his creations, visit his website at:

Living Felt 1 Purple-Maze-2

A Little Felted Flair for the Winter

 Mary Ashmore created this wonderful, free spirited hat, and we think it will turn a few heads this winter!

Mary shares her technique, and says, “I wet felt a basic  hood and then shape it on a plain hat block.  I use sewing, needle felting, blocking, wire and anything else that may come to hand to create the shapes which I do free-form (wherever the felt takes me.  This hat is a combination of merino and corriedale.  I blend different types of wool and occasionally silk to produce felts with different properties.


I learned early on that Olive Oil soap is wonderful for felting and leaves the wool in great shape.  I use your olive oil soap because it’s a good value and great quality, and I don’t just use it for feltmaking.

Fantastic Felted Purse and Feathered Hat! ~ by Leeann Puleston

Wet Felted Hat

Wet Felted Hat

Wet Felted Hat

Wet Felted Hat

Wet Felted Purse

Wet Felted Purse

These daring designs come from Leeann Puleston of Aurora, CO.   You are a queen of detail work, Leeann! We can always expect something exciting from you.  Love the feathers🙂

“Ok this [hat] is Robbin Hoods revenge or according to my husband what a bird would look like after it hit me while riding my scooter.  The purse was oodles of work it is a nuno collage with silk using 20/80 Woodlands.  The strap is a Tansung silk cord and needless to say the infamous wirelace,  its only 3×6 inches on the felted part.  Got a more conservative one on the way – well compared to this anyway.”

Leeann Puleston ~ Aurora, CO