Wet and Needle Felted Ocean Scene With Fish

Beautiful Wet and Needle Felted Ocean Scene by Lisa Shanor

Wet and Needle Felted Ocean Scene With Fish

This vibrant and life-like undersea  picture is a wet and needle felted wall hanging by Lisa Shanor of Casper, Wyoming.

She wet felted the base with a Wet Felting Project Batt, then needle felted the details over it with Livng Felt Merino Cross Batts in a variety of blues, True Olive and Meadow Green. Lisa says, “So much fun, it’s like painting with wool!”

This is a beautiful project and we thank you for sharing it with us, Lisa!

–>if you follow our blog or newsletter, you might recall that Lisa felted the picture of a vase of flowers,
and how wonderful the stems looked in the water…brilliant!

Wet Felted Beach Sunset Bear

Amazing Wet Felted "Wool Paintings" by Pam Bealer

Wet Felted Horse

 These breathtaking self proclaimed “wool paintings” were wet felted by Pam Bealer of Alaska! This is her precious (late) best friend Gwynlan.

Wet Felted Beach Sunset Bear

 Pam started off weaving and knitting, which lead to a love of all fiber arts, especially felting! This sunset bear she wet felted is something she says she sees a lot in Alaska. Beautiful detail!

Needle Felted Satyr Named Buck with Earth

 This satyr, named Buck, she needle felted to bring in the spring season! He is holding a tiny little earth because, “felting makes the world go ’round!”

It sure does Pam!

Wet and Needle Felted Red Poppy Flower

Beautiful Wet and Needle Felted Creations by Vera Runova

Needle Felted Red Cherries With Leaf and Stem

These amazing creations were made by Vera Runova of Minnesota! Originally from Kazakhstan, Vera was familiar with wet felting the traditional Kazakh “yurtas.” She said, “I never thought that felt could be amazingly light, beautiful, bright colored and be putty in your hands.” We couldn’t agree more Vera!

Wet and Needle Felted Flowers on Bag

In all these creations, Vera wet felts her base, then needle felts the finishing touches to give panache.

Wet and Needle Felted Red Poppy Flower

This beautiful poppy was wet felted with Living Felt New Zealand Pack Spanish Fiesta. The detail is just amazing!

Wet and Needle Felted Glasses Case with Sunflower

Vera is new to felting but you would never be able to tell! Her wonderful creations are an inspiration to us all!

Thank you Vera for sharing your wonderful and amazing felted projects!

Vera uses a lot of merino top in her projects, and you can try the Living Felt kit for Wet Felting Flowers to make your own!