Hot Tip: How to Organize and Catalogue Your Wool and Fiber Stash

Fiber Binder to Organize Wool and Fiber by Cherie Davidson featured on


Cherie Davidson of Darlin’ Girl Creations really made our day with the little video she posted of her Swatch Binder! We are always telling people to save back little samples with their label… and look what she did!

“I’ve finally started my fiber samples catalog/inventory binder! I’m excited to be able to flip through this and know what colors I need to re-order. Once I can move into my studio space, I’ll coordinate these with my wool bins and containers for quick inventory checks.

Oh, the wonderful bliss that comes from organization…and wool displayed…”

– Cherie Davidson, Oregon
etsy: Darlin’ Girl Creations


Wool & Yarn for Nesting Birds

Wool and yarn for nesting birds featured on

For our 1st Thursday event this month, we made nesting gifts for the birds! You can put out bits of wool, yarn and fabric and the birds will use it in their nest construction.

Wool and yarn for nesting birds featured on

We shared ideas and tips for this in our Wooly Wednesday available under VIDEOS in our facebook group.

Wool and yarn for nesting birds featured on

*Remember to keep the items easy to pull off, lengths 4″ – 6″ and widths of fabric around 1″. Avoid nylons and polyesters šŸ™‚

Wool for Cozy Birds’ Nests

Wool for Birds' Nests featured on

Last week we began sharing felted birds and things with wings… but it’s also a great time to start putting out some fiber for the real birds! There are lots of ways to do this, like these little wire cages. These also make great gifts!

Keep the yarns under 6″ long and make sure to include some plain white fluff. Other fibers like twigs and straw are great additions!

We would love to see yours! For more inspiration, you can also see our birds’ nest from last year using fishing net.

Wool for Birds' Nests featured on

Wool and Yarn for Birds

Last year Ā I shared my wool and yarn basket hung out for birds to line their nests; I repurposed a hanging plant basket that is normally lined with moss. Over time, it got kind of messy and even a bit weathered.

So this year I decided to try my initial impulse, which was to use fishing net and create a little ball of nest goodies for the birds.
It is hanging in the same tree as our bird feeder and bird house (on branches you cannot see) and we are hopeful to provide nice
and cozy nest materials for our bird friends.

I am happy to report that this year in the neighborhood, I found an abandonedĀ nest that had fallen due to winter winds lined with a little tuft of fleeceĀ  ~ amont other things :=)