Wonderful Wet Felted Bookmark Collection

Wet Felted Bookmarks by Roxana Schultz featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

We love this collection of wonderful bookmarks!

“I had fun making the bookmarks and learned a lot about wet felting in the process – these are just some – I didn’t finish all because hand finishing the edges takes so much time! I also finished the cobweb scarf kit I got from Living Felt this month and my felting mentor was very impressed with the supplies in the kit and how it turned out!”

Roxana Schultz
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Fabulous Felted Christmas Stockings

Felted Christmas Stockings by Kathleen Dodge-DeHaven featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

We love Kathleen’s fabulous Christmas stockings and are grateful for her generous explanation of HOW she made them!

“Here is my “Hoppy Holiday” stocking, back and front, made with MC-1 batts. The “Moon Rabbits”, “Tsuki no Usagi” of Japanese lore, and fir trees were created by needle-felting after, and the sequins and tiny seed beads were then sewn on. I used yellow wool nepps as though they were beads: I first strung them on a thread, then sewed them around the perimeter of the red. Nepps and glass beads decorate the white “cuff” of the stocking and the green Christmas trees.

How I started this project: I created my own pattern for the stocking from brown kraft paper by sketching the stocking shape. Then using this pattern, I cut a resist of floor underlayment. To prepare for future projects, I cut a small, medium, and large resist at the same time. This stocking was made from the small resist, and it’s about 14″ tall.”

Kathleen Dodge-DeHaven, Washington

Brilliant Wool Storage Organization Idea

Wool Storage Idea by Judy Stodola featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

The Awesome Wool Organization that FIRED UP our fb group. Some people are already setting up their own version of this innovative storage system! We love it!

“It was time to organize my small work area! I didn’t have room for plastic storage containers so this is what I came up with! I can see all my wool basically at once.


When I run out of a color, I hang the plastic bag at the end and then I know what to order. All bags are labeled with a sample of wool and color name! The gray bags hanging on the left side hold my wet felting supplies!”

– Judy Stodola, Tennessee

Galahad Fan Art Sculpture

Felt Galahad Sculpture by Sasha Blaschka featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Fan Art in Felt…You just gotta love it! Sasha really did this character justice!

“Galahad is an enchanted suit of armor and main character of the “Galahad & The Far Off Horizon” comic anthology, created by Hansel Moreno & Julian Adkins. This sculpture is made of wire, wool (mostly Living Felt’s MC-1 Batt in Carnival!), and polymer clay (with a pinch o’ magic, shh)! Capturing the proportions of this character was a fun challenge; I learned a lot from this project!”

– Sasha Blaschka, Texas

Cute Wool Coat with Needle Felted Animals

Needle Felted Wool Coat with Bunnies by Susan Nelson featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

What a story … wait til you read how she needle felted her first items…can you say Pioneer Woman?!

“I saw some felting on Facebook a few months ago. I live on Vancouver island way out in the boonies on the west coast. I watched a video to see that I needed a needle with some barbs on it. so I found a hat pin and snagged it with some wire cutters. I made a hare and was quite proud of myself. I found a store that I drove two hours to get to. I went in and there sat six people with spinning wheels. I thought I had gone back in time.

Purchased a couple needles. He had a tough one and regular. It didn’t take me very long to see how restricted I was with the needles. I sew and I understand needles so I looked again on the Internet and found Living felt. I ordered lots of needles.

Needle Felted Wool Coat with Bunnies by Susan Nelson featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Now I can control and sculpt fine details. the needles make all the difference. I had a piece of wool fabric . I placed some little pictures of critters that I had traced on to wash away interfacing. It is very fine, not good enough for embroidery work. It felted right into the fabric mostly or just pulled off as I worked up the the edges of the bunny. I was surprised how quickly each animal worked up. Important to plan colours that will show up. Looking forward to my next project.”

– Susan Nelson, British Columbia, Canada