FREE Felt-A-Long for Wet Felted Pumpkin

FREE FELT-A-LONG FOR Wet Felted Pumpkin featured on

Wet Felting a Simple Fairy Tale Pumpkin
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This class is designed for beginners who have already wet felted a flat piece of felt, we will be wet felting with Merino Top over a Resist.

You can also see the video for our previous felt-a-long: Intro to Wet Felting in our fb group

See some inspiring creations from some of our felt-along participants. (It’s not too late to make a pumpkin of your own!)

Wet Felted Fairytale Pumpkin by Anne Franklin featured on

Created by Anne Franklin

Wet Felted Fairytale Pumpkin by Becky Ollinger featured on

Created by Becky Ollinger

Wet Felted Fairytale Pumpkin by Maria Cohen featured on

Created by Maria Cohen

Free Wet Felting Fairytale Pumpkin Tutorial

Free Wet Felting Fairytale Pumpkin Tutorial featured on

This fun tutorial was made available late morning just last Saturday, and the pumpkins have been rolling in ever since!

Tag us #livingfelt and #mariespaulding on facebook and instagram so we can see, celebrate and share yours!

You can download the free digital version of the tutorial, or purchase the printed version that’s a full color print in high resolution on nice paper:

Get the Free Wet Felting Fairytale Pumpkins Tutorial here.

Buy the Print Version of the Wet Felting Fairytale Pumpkins Tutorial here.

Here are a few Fairytale Pumpkins to inspire you!

Wet Felted Fairytale Pumpkin by Abbie Oscarson featured on

Created by Abbie Oscarson

Wet Felted Fairytale Pumpkin by Christine Kancler featured on

Created by Christine Kancler

Wet Felted Fairytale Pumpkin by Erin Butler featured on

Created by Erin Butler

Wet Felted Fairytale Pumpkin by Judy Stodola featured on

Created by Judy Stodola

Wet Felted Fairytale Pumpkin by Laura Burke featured on

Created by Laura Burke

Wet Felted Fairytale Pumpkin by Joyce Hazlerig featured on

Created by Joyce Hazlerig

Wet Felted Fairytale Pumpkin by Lee Charlton featured on

Created by Lee Charlton

Wet Felted Fairytale Pumpkin by Sharon DiNear featured on

Created by Sharon DiNear

Wet Felted Fairytale Pumpkin by Ute Vasina featured on

Created by Ute Vasina

The Free Needle Felting a Realistic Pet Portrait Video Series is Live!

Free Needle Felting a Realistic Pet Portrait Video Series featured on

The Needle Felting a Realistic Pet Portrait Video series is Ready!

The free video tutorial series is NOW LIVE!

You can watch all of the videos here on our youtube channel or on our Video Tutorial page.

Free Needle Felting a Realistic Pet Portrait Video Series featured on

Make sure to get the supporting document available here.

Free Needle Felting a Realistic Pet Portrait Video Series featured on

*some of the videos are quite long, make sure to download the support document for a guide/summary on each so you know what to expect in terms of narration, silence and speed.

**View in full screen for best resolution, and remember you can play the videos at the speed of your choice 🙂

* I do wish I had more time to add narration over of edit and pretty it all up, but raw as it is…I hope you find it helpful! YOU CAN DO THIS…Just Try!

Free Needle Felting a Realistic Pet Portrait Video Series featured on

Lovely Felted Vessels and Free Tutorial

Felted Bowl by Becky Sullivan-Ollinger featured on

What a lovely gift and perfect for the season!

“Just finished making this bowl for the lovely lady who has been selling my silly pumpkins in her wonderful gallery the last 4 weeks. I have made 18 and sold 12, and she is not taking one penny for herself. She deserves so much more for her generosity, but I hope she will be happy with this little token of my gratitude.”

Becky Sullivan-Ollinger, Washington

Wet Felted Autumn Bowl by Deborah Havert featured on

What a perfect seasonal accent!

“My Autumn sky bowl. I used my mc-1 Orange, foliage and yellow and majestic blue. Wet felted with dry felted purple spiral needle detail, leaf and acorn.”

– Deborah Havert, New York

Wet Felting Over a Resist Tutorial featured on

Wet Felting Over a Resist!

In this free video tutorial, Marie shows her methods for wet felting over a resist … step by step.

This two part video will serve as a great primer or starter project for wet felting a pair of slippers, a hat, or even a cat cave!

Start small and learn with simple projects :O)

For this little project we used Living Felt MC-1 Felting Batts, Olive Oil Soap, Bamboo Mat, Felting Mesh, and a Rigid Mat.

Needle Felting a Snowman – Free Tutorial

Needle Felting Snowman Free Felting Tutorial

Needle Felting Snowman Free Felting Tutorial

Needle Felting A Snow Man or Snow Woman!
THE SNOW FOLKS: This adorable snow couple is really fun to make
and will add a special touch to your holiday decorating.

Free Tutorial: Needle Felting Snowman

Wet Felting Easter Eggs | Free Felting Pattern & Tutorial

For this project, we used Medium sized plastic eggs, and Living Felt MC-1 Merino Cross Felting Batts,
knee high stockings, embroidery floss, embroidery needle, ribbon,
felting needles, earth harmony felting foam, olive oil soap, hot water and small scissors.


For the inside color, snugly wrap plastic Easter Eggs with a thin layer of fiber around the middle of egg,
then wrap a second layer going perpendicular to the first. The egg should be covered.

For the outside color, repeat by wrapping two complete layers. Lightly needle felt the loose ends if desired.

Place your hand inside the stocking and take hold of the egg, then pull the stocking so the egg is fully covered.

Since we are felting by hand (and not felting
balls in the washing machine
) we do not need to tie off the stocking.

Fill a bowl or basin with hot water and use a vegetable grater to peel off some soap flakes.
The water should be slick in your fingers, and hot, but tolerable to your hands.

Dunk the wool covered egg in the soap solution and wet if fully.
Press, handle and roll the egg in your hands like a ball of clay, constantly massaging and rolling.

**Take care not to squeeze your egg too hard or the plastic egg may come apart and make your final product slightly mis-shapen.

The ball should be wet, but not dripping and a bit soapy. Do this for 5-10 min, or until the fibers
just start to peek through the stocking. Then gently peel the stocking off the egg.

The fibers have started to entangle and form felt. Now it is time for further shrinking and entangling of the fibers, also called “fulling”. Roll your egg
on a felting or wash board if you have one, and continue to wet it in your soap solution, and roll and squeeze it in your hand.


Once the wool feels snug around the egg and well felted, finish with hot and cold rinses, and more rolling/squeezing.
Roll the eggs in towels to remove excess water. Use fine scissors to cut most of the way around the egg,
leave approximately 2″ across the back attached for a strong hinge.

Set the eggs to dry overnight.


Finish the edges of your eggs with a blanket stitch.
Add embroidery or needle felted designs.

Sew a decorative ribbon to the rear hinge.
Time to add some prizes inside! Make a little bunny ball with our tutorial here, add some jewelry, candy in a bag, or make a simple chick below.

Follw the basic instructions for needle felting a small egg shape as shown on our free felting tutorial for an Easter Chick, Cheep.
Instead of sewing on a head,

use your 36 gauge felting needle to sculpt the head. Add wings. Ours are felted flat onto the body.
For the beak, make a small rectangle with needle felting, wet felting or use commercial felt.

Fold it in half and cut the open ends into a triangle.

Place the beak right on the face of your felted chick and needle felt right in the fold.
Add small tufts of wool or beads for the eyes.

Tuck your prizes inside and have a Happy Easter!


Share your ideas below and share photos of your projects by sending them
to or posting them on our facebook page.