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 05/23/2015  Felting For, About and With Our Pets!
Portraits of People or Animals (pictures or dolls)
06/06/2015 Felting for Babies & Children
Felting Beach & Summer Fun

Felted Cat Cave is Gorgeous!

Felted Cat Cave by Giovanna-Montalbetti on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Giovanna is felting with us all the way from Spain! She felted over a resist from the wet felting a slipper kit and also over a ball. In late December of last year she wet felted this Cat Cave for her beloved Oni.

“He always loved water and flowers, so I tried to evoke a kind of Monet water lilies sort of look. This was the last thing I was able to do for my cat as he passed away on February. He meant the world to me. In this project I first used the Ball Brause Sprinkler Tool. I also used the Emerald forest pack for the leaf border decoration and for the pale green highlights in the water.”

Needle Felted Gargoyle is a Work of Art!

Needle Felted Gargoyle by Cherie Davidson featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Cherie Davidson really got our attention this week with her incredible needle felted gargoyle! She felted him out of love as a gift for her brother.

“I started this gargoyle as a gift for my brother, as a Christmas present. I didn’t get it detailed by then, so I wrapped it, and as soon as he opened it, I snatched it back and said, “he’s not finished yet! You’ll get him back as soon as he’s what I envision him” and I worked on him until the end of March! LOL My poor brother. But when he saw him, he named him “Brutus” and said he was worth the wait. (That was a great feeling!)”

Needle Felted Gargoyle by Cherie Davidson featured on www.livingfelt.com/blog

“Brutus is my largest piece, and when he was first started, he was only my third project in needle felting (and ended up being my fifth piece when finished). He’s the size of a house cat, and at his very body core he has a little (doll making) polyfil (for economy, and I was still learning at that point), but then he’s built up with Living Felt core wool, and his wonderful stone color is Living Felt’s MC-1 Cross Batt in Storm Gray. He’s detailed in black MC-1. I did use some armature wire in his paws/claws to help form the toes/talons, and I felted a pipe cleaner up the inside edge of each wing for a little support, but otherwise, he’s all fiber. I used a single 40t needle for most of him, but did occasionally use the Clover 3-needle pen to help with surface smoothing and some large surface areas.

He was a pure joy to create, and I learned a great deal about the feel of wool and the way a needle sculpts wool fibers from this little guy, and I couldn’t be happier with how he turned out!”

Thank you! – Cherie Davidson

You can see more from Cherie online at:

Needle Felted Tiger by Carol Rossi on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Realistic Needle Felted Tiger & Cubs

Needle Felted Tiger by Carol Rossi on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Carol Rossi recently sent us pictures of this beautiful needle felted tiger and her cubs. She has a knack for needle felting realistic animals, even when they are fantasy creatures such as a unicorn or Pegasus. (see more from Carol here)

“Here is a Tiger family that I just finished!

Mom and both cubs have wire skeletons inside, and then I used your core wool. Their coats are made with your New Zealand Corriedale wool in Butterscotch, chestnut [copper], white and black.
They all have glass eyes and horse hair whiskers.”

– Carol Rossi, Colorado

Needle Felted Tiger by Carol Rossi on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Needle Felted Tiger Cubs by Carol Rossi on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Carol sells her exquisite sculptures on ebay under the name of  vailrossi

Beautiful Bear, Needle Felted Face

Michele-Freeman-Bear needle felted face on www.livingfelt.com/blog

Michele Freeman put the WOW in our day with her beautiful,
one of a kind bear. His face is needle felted!

“Needle felting on the face of my new bear.
I used core wool CW1 [core wool] to build up the face and worked over that with
MC1 Batt in Driftwood to finish it. I love those new spiral needles!
They really felt fast!”

– Michele Freeman, Texas

Featured Image -- 9600

Needle Felted Luxembears by Judi Paul

Originally posted on LIVING FELT Blog!:

Needle Felted Brown Bear Luxembear

 Judi Paul of Luxemburg, Wisconsin is unmistakabley a bear artist extraordinare! She has taken to using Living Felt MC-1 Meriono Cross batts for the faces and paws of many of her captivating bears. MC-1 Latte, MC-1 Fleshtone and NZ Corriedale Camel are her colors of choice.

Needle Felted Brown Bear Luxembear

We featured Judi’s work in a previous Felting Friends Spotlight: http://livingfelt.com/blog/?p=4024
She sent us some updated bears that we would like to share with you. She needle felts the face and paws.

Each bear is completely unique and delightful!

Needle Felted Brown Bear Luxembear

Teddy bear fans and artists know Paul’s work well because she has won several prestigious awards. In 2008, she won the Golden Teddy Bear Award and received two TOBY awards for People’s Choice and Industry Choice. Her popularity and hard-won respect are the result of winning over 32 international awards.

Needle Felted Brown Bear Luxembear

Needle Felted Tan Bear Luxembear

Needle Felted White Bear Luxembear

Judi is a professionally trained artist with multiple degrees, but her love for bear making…

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Featured Image -- 9595

Wildly Realistic Needle Felted Beaver

Living Felt:

Perfect for this week’s theme, LOVE this one!

Originally posted on LIVING FELT Blog!:

Realistic Needle Felted Beaver

Erin Carlson of Pittsburgh, PA is the artist responsible for this wildly realistic needle felted beaver!
He stands 9″ tall from toes to the top of his head. 
Erin shares that she is grateful he was requested as a commission
because she never would have thought to make this on her own.


She felted him over armature using core wool, Living Felt MC-1 Batts in Dark Chocolate and fibers she dyed herself.
Erin felts a great variety of critters from birds to butterflies, foxes, dogs and more! You might recall that we shared her
beautiful barn owl a while back also see that gorgeous creature on our blog.

If you are in Pennsylvania, you may get to shop her at one of many events or even take a workshop.

needle felted cardinal mc-1 wool batts

Needle felted with Living Felt MC-1 Felting Batts in Watermelon, True Red, and Black Onyx.


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