Nuno Felt Tutorial – free video


Nuno Felting Tutorial — Free!

This very detailed tutorial is step by step across a set of videos to demonstrate the process for nuno felting a simple, yet highly textured neck warmer.

More experienced felters may want to fast forward thru steps as everything is covered here! Watch the video and let us know what you think with your thumbs, with comments or post questions! Please share it if you feel inspired!

Also available is a step-by-step PDF for a different neck warmer, a matching shawl and another shawl (3 projects in one pdf).  That is here:


The PDF is 30+ pages, 150+ photos and two resolutions. Download the HiRes if you want to zoom in or want super sharp pics, the other one is much smaller if you need that.

Wishing You LOTS of Fun, Creative Time & Inspiration!
With Love!
Marie Spaulding

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Stunning Needle Felted Pet Portraits

Needle Felted Dog Wool Painting by Dani Ives featured on

Dani Ives is a talented artist who gives time to her craft every day, and what she creates with our MC-1 Batts is beyond stunning! She sells custom pet portraits, her original art and prints on Etsy, plus she teaches classes and inspires thousands daily through her Instagram posts.

Needle Felted Dog Wool Painting by Dani Ives featured on

“I use Living Felt’s wool batts almost exclusively in my wool paintings. The batts felt so easily, and the high quality allows me to blend colors and control the fibers to create small details that make a huge impact in my fiber art.”

Dani Ives
etsy: goodnaturedart

Needle Felted Cow by Dani Ives featured on

Needle Felted Chicken by Dani Ives featured on

Detailed Needle Felted Dog Portraits

Dog Portraits by Jeanette Justus featured on

Jeanette sculpts stunning mini replicas of our beloved four-legged friends. Her poses add such realism to her detailed work!

“My name is Jeanette Justus and I make needle-felted “Personal Pets” for people. I saw a picture of a needle-felted animal on the internet about two years ago, and fell in love with the craft. I love the Living Felt wool and supplies.

Dog Portraits by Jeanette Justus featured on

I use MC-1 Merino-Cross Fast Felting Batts for most of my animals, and for the long-haired animals I use NZ Corriedale Wool Roving. I also use Living Felt’s core wool for their bodies.”

– Jeanette Justus, Wyoming

Beautiful and Alive Needle Felted Horse Portrait

Horse Portrait by Inna Carlson featured on

Inna’s work is beautiful and alive!

“I’ve dabbled with needle felting before, but I used what I could find in local craft stores and wasn’t too impressed with the results.

My main focus was embroidery until I saw the incredible works of Dani Ives on Instagram. That propelled me to give needle felting another chance. I’ve started looking for online suppliers and, when I came across Living Felt website, it was like a dream come true.

I love how easy it is to navigate within the site, the variety and quality of products you offer, your YouTube tutorials and even the business cards you enclose with each order with a motivational quote on the back.

For this horse portrait I used your MC-1 batts from studio packs, which is incredibly easy to use and for horse’s mane I used some of your natural New Zealand Corriedale roving – it has such a beautiful texture! Also, I love the needles, especially green and yellow. It makes such a huge difference when adding some small details to use them.”

Inna Carlson, California
etsy: TheFaithfulThread

Realistic Needle-Felted Pet Portrait

Pet Portrait by Lauren Beach featured on

Lauren is another of our felting friends we like to follow on Instagram and who sells her work on Etsy. She always has fun images of her work like this little beauty – what lovely coloring!

“This pet portrait was a custom order from one of my customers. It was unnerving trying to recreate not just any animal, but someone’s beloved pet! But after about 5 or 6 hours of tinkering, I was happy with the result.

I used only your fast-felting batts and a yellow and green needle from your shop.

I had previously been using a black wool with longer fibers and the fast felting black wool was a dream!”

– Lauren Beach
etsy: SewnbytheBeach
SewnbytheBeach on Instagram

Beautiful Felted Pebble Bowl

Felted Pebble Bowl by Carol Jensen featured on

You might remember Carol’s amazing felted “pumpkin bowl” from last fall. Well this awesome pebble bowl is not only beautiful, it is easy to make! A HUGE thanks to Carol for sharing photos of her process!

She used merino top for the fiber.

Felted Pebble Bowl by Carol Jensen featured on

“I first loosely needle felted roving to the foam and then wrapped it in netting, added hot water and soap, etc and then wet felted it till firm. I threw them into a cool dryer cycle and then began sewing the pebbles together.

It is made by first felting pebbles made of high density foam and sewing each pebble to another. I did this over a bowl to give it shape. Any spots where thread showed afterwards were covered loosely with roving and needle felted. It is soft and squishy but look like pebbles…..”

– Carol Jensen

5 Cute Needle Felted Critters

Needle Felted Turtle by Alma Petry featured on

“This was made with your New Zealand Corriedale Wool- African Safari and a package of 38 spiral needles. Since I am a beginner it was heartening to find that your advertising lead me to the perfect products to make this little turtle. The upper and lower shells, legs, head and tail were all made separately and needle felted together. The package has a lovely combination of great colors. I couldn’t be happier.”

– Alma Petry, Illinois

Needle Felted Lemur by Barbara Attwell featured on

Barbara used CW-1 Core Wool and MC-1 Willow for this awesome, life-sized Lemur commission!

“I was surprised that large was substantially harder than small — the armature was so elongated that it bounced around a lot!”

Barbara Attwell, Texas

Needle Felted Bird by Lynda Shure featured on

“Dear Living Felt, wanted to show you some more of my ‘critters,’ and thank you for the beautiful felt, and your wonderful inspiration, and encouragement!”

– Lynda Shure, Massachusetts

Needle Felted Bunny Purse by Janet Ludin featured on

“This little bunny purse was surface needle felted freehand. All of my felting supplies are from Living Felt. I love everything about your company.”

– Janet Ludin, Washington State

Needle Felted Turtle by Tiffany Gulledge featured on

“I needle felted this turtle for my niece as a Christmas gift. I love felting with my Living Felt supplies! I used colors from my order of Scenic Vista and some other colors I had ordered from you, thank you for always encouraging creativity and happiness to your customers!!”

– Tiffany Gulledge, Arkansas