Delightful Felted Monster Sculpture

 Felted Monster by Shelly Schwartz featured on

Shelly has been felting with us a few years and treated us to some wonderful felted critters! This one is pure delight!

“I sculpted this guy for my daughter to look like her drawing of a monster. He was sculpted with caspian, oatmeal, orchid pink, and majestic blue and black onyx for his eyes. He has a wire armature …I also added a couple of small rock to weigh him down a bit to help him stand better.

She is already asking me to sculpt one of the other four monsters she designed. Thank you Living Felt for making it possible for me to create all of the things I want to try….”

– Shelly Schwartz, Michigan

Felting Fun with Children

Felting with Children by Cheryl Bowen of Humming Star Alpacas featured on

Cheryl Bowen of Humming Star Alpacas is sharing fiber arts with young ones … whenever she orders, we wish we could jump in the box and go play!

Felting with Children by Cheryl Bowen of Humming Star Alpacas featured on

While many of our Alpaca Farming friends have lots of fiber, they sometimes supplement with our wool & specialty fibers, get great deals of felting foam and needles, and even get silk chiffon for painting & nuno felting scarves!

– Cheryl Bowen, Alabama
Humming Star Alpacas

Felting with Children by Cheryl Bowen of Humming Star Alpacas featured on

Precious Needle Felted Mommy Hearts

Needle Felted Mommy Hearts by Jessie Dockins featured on

Jessie is stealing our hearts this week with her precious MOMMY HEARTS!

“I just wanted to share a pic of the little mommy hearts I’ve been making with your MC-1 batts. I came up with the idea when my 2 year old son was having a tough time adjusting to daycare. I needle felted him a wool heart & told him it was “my” heart & love. I felted little hearts onto it to represent him, his brother, & Daddy. He adores it, carries it everywhere, & calls it his “mommy heart”.

Needle Felted Mommy Hearts by Jessie Dockins featured on

His teachers have all commented about how much comfort it brings him throughout the day. He even wanted to hold it at the doctor’s office (and I was standing right there!). Needless to say, I’m addicted to making them!”

Needle Felted Milk Drop Hearts by Jessie Dockins featured on

Now she is also making “milk drops” a keepsake to commemorate mommy and baby’s nursing journey. She says moms and little ones are really enjoying them, and she has a dedicated fb page for them🙂

– Jessie Dockins, Missouri
see more on facebook: mommy hearts

Free Needle Felted Mushrooms Tutorial


Free Needle Felted Mushrooms Tutorial featured on

These sweet little mushrooms are lots of fun. Decorate or pose them any way you like! It’s a perfect beginner project, and you can use this as a building block for future projects.

Get the free needle felting mushrooms video tutorial here.


Beautiful Wet Felted Hat

Wet Felted Hat by Steve Whalen featured on

Steve Whalen is felting with his wife, Erin, and we were so happy to receive this submission for this hat he made! His hats weigh 4.5 – 5oz and are wet felted over a resist, and then shaped on a hat block. This one is made with Living Felt MC-1 Felting Batts True Violet and accented with Multi-Colored Merino Top Cranberry.

A note from Erin:

“I consider myself extremely lucky to have a hubby who spins, weaves and now, wet felts! We’ve taken several wet felting classes together and have since modified and improved our techniques.

We’ve recently started making wet felted hats over a resist. This is my husband’s latest hat. I’m a little biased, but I think his work is fabulous! It’s amazing how straight he can get the brim. (Real men DO wet felt – LOL!!)”

artist: Steve Whalen, Wisconsin

Awesome Fire Mountain Designer Pack Felted Ensemble

Nuno Felted Scarf and Wet Felted Hat by Sonja Weeks Oswalt featured on

We challenged the ever-adventurous Sonja Weeks Oswalt of Tennessee to felt up anything she felt inspired to with our Fire Mountain Designer Pack, and she made this awesome ensemble.

Fire Mountain Designer Pack featured on

She added approx. 2oz of additional fiber so she could make all 3 pieces. The scarf is nuno felted and the silk was initially dyed with Kool-Aid. The wrist warmers were wet felted over a resist, we have a free video lesson for this, and the hat was first wet felted flat and then shaped over a hat block.

Nuno Felted Scarf and Wet Felted Hat by Sonja Weeks Oswalt featured on She used the Fire Mountain Designer Pack.

The wrist warmers can shrink quite a bit!

Wet Felted Wrist Warmers by Sonja Weeks Oswalt featured on


Free Tutorial for Scrunch-Dyed Scarves

Colorhue "Instant Set" Silk Dyes featured on

Colorhue “Instant Set” Silk Dyes

The colorhue silk dyes are perfect for dying your silk scarves or fabrics before nuno felting, Simply mix with water and apply, no need to steam, no need to boil, no chemicals or vinegar to add. They are truly “instant set”!

Note from Marie: I had enjoyed using colorhue to dye silk fabrics in my studio, and a local friend and fiber artist Julianne Krute seems to pull them out at every fiber event for quick demos and make-n-take fun. After playing with them some more and meeting even more felters who are having great results and great fun with them, I knew you would love them too! So we made this little tutorial to show you how quickly you can get started!

Scrunch-Dyed Scarves featured on

Look What You Can Do…Instant Dyeing!

Free Tutorial for dyeing silk with no heating required!

DIY Scrunch Dye Scarves Free Tutorial