Wintry Felted Snowmen

Felted Snowman by Marjolein Wolverson featured on

Marjolein made her base shapes out of core wool, and then wrapped then in 19.5 micron prefelt, they look wonderful!

“My mom’s present is well on its way! Thank you LF for Lilly white prefelt! It’s that wonderful, I don’t want to use it!”

– Marjolein Wolverson, UK

Felted Snowmen by Woo Hofford featured on

What fabulous little night lights these would make!

“Wet felting projects done this past weekend thanks to a prompt order of lily white merino top and some white tussah silk from Living Felt–thanks guys!!”

– Woo Hofford, Pennsylvania

You can make your own felted snowman using our Needle Felting Snowman and Ornaments Kit. This kit is packed so full of FUN that we can barely get it closed!! It includes enough wool and other supplies for 1 snowman and two ornaments, or 2 snowmen or more ornaments!

Scenes from Wooly Wednesday!

Scenes from Wooly Wednesday with Joyce Hazlerig of Gypsy Harte featured on

Join us for a fun, interactive gathering of friends!

Catch the Broadcast Live or watch it later in our fb group: LIVING FELT FRIENDS

Last week we had a special guest: Joyce Hazlerig of Gypsy Harte!

Scenes from Last week:

Felted Dragon by Joyce Hazlerig of Gypsy Harte featured on

Joyce shared many wonderful details about her amazing felted dragon.

Felted Dragon by Joyce Hazlerig of Gypsy Harte featured on

She even explained how she made the wings and showed a smaller version of the armature.

Felted Dragon by Joyce Hazlerig of Gypsy Harte featured on

Joyce gave a demonstration of her method for needle felting nepps, very cool!

Felted Dragon by Joyce Hazlerig of Gypsy Harte featured on

She then shared her incredible caterpillar — another spectacular piece!

Felt Holiday Ornaments featured on

We pulled some of our favorite felted ornaments from the tree and shared who made them 🙂

Lovely Nuno Felted Scarf

Nuno Felted Scarf by Fatima Mensen-Potter featured on

Fatima shared her lovely scarf in our group LIVING FELT FRIENDS, this is just one of the beautiful pictures she shared.

“Nuno scarf made with @Living Felt kit. Easy to make and so beautiful.

It comes with a very good instruction sheet.”

– Fatima Mensen-Potter, Florida

Felted Fashionable Accessory

Felted Fashion Scarf by Kathleen Simon featured on

“Am invited to show my wall hangings at a gallery in Winston so had to make something to wear to “stand out” as a felter. Kinda like all those gorgeous designs you see on Pinterest with descriptions you can’t read cause who knows what language it is. Anyway this was my attempt at “fashion”. Thank you Marie for all your Wooly Wednesday “tips””

– Kathleen Simon, North Carolina

Felted Gnomes by Erin Whalen Featured in Art Doll Quarterly

Felted Gnomes in Art Doll Quarterly by Erin Whalen featured on

A huge congratulations to Erin Whalen for being featured in the Winter Issue of Art Doll Quarterly!

“I’ve been published in the Winter Edition of Art Doll Quarterly Stampington & Company. My gnomes received a 3-page spread and they even featured my name on the cover. In the second page of the article, I gave a big Shout Out to Marie Spaulding, Silke Sordyl, and Peter McMasters. Thank you for being such great mentors and patient teachers!”

– Erin Whalen, Wisconsin