Needle Felted Giraffe by Tammy Saulnier on

Elegant Needle Felted Giraffe Brings Tears of Joy!

Needle Felted Giraffe by Tammy Saulnier on

What a gorgeous giraffe Tammy Saulnier needle felted for a gift!

“This piece was made for my sister for Christmas she loves her giraffes.
She cried when she opened it ….what a warm fuzzy feeling :)
When you don’t have a lot of money it is awesome to give a gift truly from the heart.
It is made over a wire armature and completely pose-able.

I used Living Felt core wool for the base
and used coffee to dye some of the “Merino Cross Fast Felting Batts
for the brown I wanted ( as you can see the core wool dyed wonderfully for me.)”

Tammy Saulnier, Canada

See More from Tammy in her etsy shop:  DragonSongStudio

Needle Felted Thylacine by Carol Rossi on

Incredible Needle Felted Animals – Unicorn, Lion and Thylacine!

Needle Felted Thylacine by Carol Rossi on

Carol Rossi in Colorado never ceases to awe and inspire us with her
brilliant and lively needle felted animals. On our blog you will find
a number of her fantastic and realistic felts.

“The Thylacine was made with your wonderful core wool inside around a wire skeleton.
He was then finished with your New Zealand Corriedale Wool
in warm browns and butterscotches. He has glass eyes…

Needle Felted Unicorn and Lion by Carol Rossi on

The Lion and the Unicorn were also made with your core wool
and wire skeletons and finished with your New Zealand Corriedale wool.
The Unicorn has hand sculpted horn and hooves made out of an epoxy putty.
His mane and tail are made from your Tussah Silk. They also have glass eyes.

I love your wool! It’s the best!”
Carol Rossi, Colorado

Find Carol on etsy under Fine Felted Critters,
or ebay under Vailrossi

Felted Vessels by Lisa VanderYacht from Living Felt Free Tutorial

Awesome Wet Felted Vessels!

Felted Vessels by Lisa VanderYacht from Living Felt Free Tutorial

Check out these awesome felted vessels by Lisa VanderYacht in Washington!
She wrote, “After doing your felt along tutorial, I really got into felted vessels. Thank you.”

Lisa used Living Felt MC-1 Felting batts and followed along our tutorial for wet felting over a resist. It is a great primer for wet felting other items with batting such as slippers or a purse or a cat cave!

Wet Felting Tutorial: Felting Over a Resist on

Check out this and other free felting tutorials on video and in PDF format.

wet felted cat cave tutorial or kit

You can get this tutorial for wet felting a cat cave, or even get
the complete kit.

Patty-Lovegreen Felted Pots for Air Plants on

Felted Pots for Air Plants…Brilliant Idea, Color & Design!

Patty Lovegreen Felted Air Plant Pots on Lovegreen of Minnesota felted these brilliant and beautiful little “pots” for her succulents. She says she has had hers for over a year and it is doing great!

“I was given a gift of an air plant and thought what a perfect match. Low maintenance plant with water wicking wool. Soak bowl and plant root once a week or mist/spray plant often.”

Needle Felted Gnomes by Erin Whalen on

Adorable Needle Felted Gnomes Sporting Wooly Locks

Needle Felted Gnomes by Erin Whalen on

Erin Whalen of Wisconsin recently shared some of her precious needle felted gnomes with us….they are so sweet, we just had to share them with you as well!

Needle Felted Gnomes by Erin Whalen on

“Inspiration: I recently learned some new techniques at a workshop
I took from Silke Sordyl of Fairyfelt. She’s an extremely talented needle felter
and an awesome teacher. And, I live on a 10-acre farm with many beautiful trees, ferns,
hostas, birds, woodland critters, my fiber animals and my horses.
With nature all around, every day is inspiring!


Supplies Used: Living Felt MC1 (for body core) + wool from my own sheep.
Living Felt locks for hair, beards, and outer clothing include: Mohair, Teeswater,
Lincoln Longwool, BFL, and Wensleydale.

Thank you for your consideration.”
Erin Whalen, Wisconsin

Needle Felted Cheshire Cat by Sharon May on

Amazing Needle Felted Cheshire Cat!

Cheshire Cat by Sharon May on

We were so delighted to receive this submission by Sharon…this guy is a real character!!

“Imagine my surprise when I got my new order of MC-1 Purple/Berries
and this guy popped out. I love this wool. It is so easy to felt and the colors are wonderful.
I guess I’ll see what else is in that package. Thanks so much.”

– Sharon May, Illinois