Beautiful Wet Felted and Needle Felted Water Lily

Needle Felted and Wet Felted Water Lily by Kathryn Missildine featured on

“I needle felted and wet felted this water lily and lily pad one petal at a time and then sewed it together as they were very felted. I felted each stamen and then waxed them for smoothness. During the wet felting I rinsed with lavender oil! “

– Kathryn Missildine, Oregon

Free Mini Tutorial: Wet & Needle Felted Picture

Wet & Needle Felted Picture by Marie Spaulding featured on

This little picture entitled “Happy Camper” was created as a gift for a friend. Felting a small picture with simple detail and design can be quite fun!

Wet & Needle Felted Picture by Marie Spaulding featured on

All the fibers were laid out on the base layer, and then the picture was wet felted.

Base layer = Living Felt PF-X Prefelt batt cut to size, MC-1 Batts, Dyed Tussah Silk, Merino Top, Dyed Sheep’s Locks.

Wet & Needle Felted Picture by Marie Spaulding featured on

Details and texture were added with needle felting and top stitching on the sewing machine. Lower the feed dogs and raise the presser foot so you can stitch freely. Add embroidery also!

Awesome Felted Witch Sculpture

Felted Witch Sculpture by Kathleen Anne James featured on

What an awesome sculpture!

“Winnie the warty witch, needlefelted with wetfelted clothes, stripy sock reused for her jumper and stockings. Casting spells by rubbing her whiskers and has a very unwitchy plum lock, in her hair.”

Kathleen Anne James, United Kingdom

Artful Wet Felted Rock Pillow

Wet Felted Rock Pillow by Liz DeVree featured on

A gorgeous work of art, function and fiber!

“I have always loved rocks so when I found out how easy it was to wet felt rocks from wool I decided to use them to make a pillow. The moss is embroidered on.

I used the wet felting batt to make a core for the rocks and various merino colors for the outside of the rocks.

Thank you for the inspiring, encouraging messages you send with each of your orders!”

Liz DeVree, Michigan
etsy: devreedesigns

Gorgeous Wet Felted Cobweb Scarf

Wet Felted Cobweb Scarf by Teresa Campbell featured on She used the Wet Felting a Cobweb Scarf kit.

Teresa made this scarf from our beginner friendly Wet Felting a Cobweb Scarf kit.

Choose your colors, get your basic wet felting supplies together and have fun creating a wearable work of art!

Looking at this gorgeous scarf, you would never know it was her first time doing this!

artist: Teresa Campbell, Alabama

Wet Felted Fall Fairytale Hat

Wet Felted Fall Fairytale Hat by Judi Francis featured on

“Fall Fairytale,” a perfect hat for for a perfect fall day!

This gorgeous hat was custom made just for us by Judi Francis of Felting With a Point in Pennsylvania. Judi made a similar hat for The Pence Gallery and we just had to have one!

Wet Felted Fall Fairytale Hat by Judi Francis featured on

It is lovingly wet felted using Merino Top in Oak, and our Autumn Leaves Designer Pack. We love all the rich details and the precious little lady bugs!! This beautiful wearable art is currently on display at our shop!

Artist: Judi Francis, Pennsylvania
You can find Judi on fb under: Felting with a Point

Awesome Wet Felted Bird Pod

Wet Felted Bird Pod by Laura Ebert featured on

Laura has been taking advantage of our free tutorials on PDF and video…and check out this awesome creation!!

“I took advantage of a rainy Saturday and created my first bird pod. I used Living Felt’s chocolate brown batt for the base and green batt for the leaves. It made a nice strong base that should hold up nicely outside.

I used the skills I learned from watching your wet felted vessel using a resist tutorial. :)”

– Laura Ebert, Illinois