From Farm to Felt – Curly Locks, Santa Locks, Mohair Locks!

Beautiful Curly Locks Starts with Great Fleece!

Most of the time on our blog you see the “end results” of what someone felted or needle felted with wool and mohair, but we want to show you a little “behind the scenes” of some of the great fleeces and curly locks we bring you at Living Felt.

LIVING FELT Angora Goat Mohair Locks

Stacy Berg of Fotohogg Photography

For our mohair locks and sheep’s locks, we buy direct from the farms, and more than 95% come from U.S. farms, importing only some of the more rare long breeds such as Teeswater from abroad. It always feels good to support a farmer and their family. Often these folks live simply and live for their animals, they name them, they care for them, they nurse them if they are injured or ill, and they help deliver their babies. It is a very personal business that requires a great deal of dedication, time and effort.

LIVING FELT Angora Goat Mohair Locks

Stacy Berg of Fotohogg Photography

It is always wonderful when we can connect with the farmers and the animals to hand select our fleece. Some of them like to get close…real close 🙂


LIVING FELT Angora Goat - Mohair Locks

ever been kissed by a goat? !

Selecting fleeces to bring to our customers is one of Marie’s favorite things to do. It’s a little like mining for diamonds.

LIVING FELT Angora Goat Mohair Locks

Stacy Berg of Fotohogg Photography

Marie shows off the ringlets of this lovely yearling Fleece.
This will wash up beautifully and is actually a faded “red”,
which will look blonde — we call it “goldie locks”.

LIVING FELT Angora Goat Mohair Locks

White mohair fleece laden with dirt and sand

LIVING FELT Angora Goat Mohair Locks

locks are sorted and put in order with all cut ends together before washing.


LIVING FELT Angora Goat Mohair Locks

so clean and shiny now!

Some locks require extra special care and time in washing to reveal the fullness of their beauty!
These mohair locks were truly diamonds in the rough!

LIVING FELT Angora Goat Mohair Locks

Before and After washing


LIVING FELT Angora Goat Mohair Locks


We are very happy with our Santa Locks this year and know you will love them!!

We sampled a large number of  fleeces to bring you the loveliest white and curly locks for Santa beards and hair.

Santa Locks - Living Felt

Two of the sheep whose fleeces will be used for Santa Locks this year. Colored and White

We have a number of prize winning fleeces this year…all of the locks are gorgeous!

White Santa Locks - Living Felt Prize Fleece

Prize winning fleece, from sheep to you…much whiter of course!

This particular fleece was a  Grand Champion. It takes  a lot of time and care to raise such a beautiful animal  with a prize winning fleece,  and it takes several hours to shear it, skirt it, wash and it and dry it.


santa locks for felting - raw, unwashed

raw locks, “in the grease”, as they look after shearing

At Living Felt we take great care in not only selecting but in washing and dyeing locks for our felting friends. Locks such as these gorgeous Santa Locks undergo a number of rinses before being washed with a  biodegradable,  eco-friendly soap,  – it then takes several washes to remove all the dirt and lanolin. The soap we use is also gentle and does not strip the fibers or dry them out, they are  then rinsed and rinsed again before being set out to dry. Sometimes we add a touch of Lavender essential oil to the final rinse.

Locks can be very dirty and greasy before being washed. Sometimes a fleece weighs 40% – 50% more dirty than  it does once clean and dry.  Shown below is the same fleece before and after washing, incredible, right?!


Santa Locks Before and After - LIVING FELT

Santa Locks Before and After – LIVING FELT




Santa Locks Curly White - LIVING FELT

Santa Locks Curly White – LIVING FELT

Angora Goat

We are very happy to bring  you the best fleeces, wool, mohair and locks for your felting projects. Thank you for  felting with us, and thank you for helping us to continue to support U.S. Farms and their families with sustainable  practices. We look forward to seeing the pictures come back of what you make with these lovely Santa Locks!

We appreciate you … and we wish you happy felting.

See Our Complete Selection of Sheep & Mohair Locks Here

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May you allow yourself to just be uniquely you – wherever and everywhere
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your preferences, your dreams,your art and above all of your Self.
Say this 10 times slowly: “I Love Being Me”.

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Repurposed Felted Quilt Pouches

Colorful Felted Quilt For A Good Cause

Felted rainbow Quilt with clouds and hearts

Inspired by Dr. Cara Barker’s “The Love Project,” a knitting group from Shoreline, Washington wet felted this wonderful quilt for a Sandy Hook sibling survivor. This quilt will be delivered on the one year anniversary to a 10 year old girl in the spirit of love and connection.

What a wonderful and inspiring project!

International Day of Peace – The Peace Felt Project

Each year, the United Nations opens its regular meeting of the General Assembly by declaring the International Day of Peace.  It is a time for nations and their people to reflect on peace and its meaning.  The day will be commemorated with concerts, peaceful activities, festivals, and simple moments of silence. The UN encourages people to participate in practical acts of peace, so that the meaning is put into action.

Arts and culture are a powerful way of sending a message of peace throughout the world.  Living Felt encourages its followers to participate in Peace Felt. They’ll spotlight many friends’ creations with the hope that the collective desire for a peaceful existence really makes a difference in the way people move through the world. In this way, participants are publicaly displaying their willingness to actively participate in loving kindness and good will to all.

The mission is: “To promote peace and connectivity among nations, loving kindness among individuals, gratitude in our hearts and in our consciousness – knowing that WE create our world through our thoughts, words and actions.”

To, as Gandhi reminded us, ‘Be the change we wish to see in the world.

To promote awareness of the ancient art of felt making and the modern craft of needle felting for its qualities of being earth friendly, extremely versatile, and easy to learn!”

Tree of Life by Marie Spaulding

Living Felt founder, Marie Spaulding, is giving her friends and followers an opportunity to not only participate – this activity includes felting a peace product, plus giving and receiving from other participants around the world – but also receive a heartfelt work of art that is created from felt.  For those who are able, holding felting workshops is a great way to gather like-minded artists to collectively work towards peace.

Participants are matched with a receiving partner, and in this way, lasting friendships are created on an international scale. Painters, sculptors, mixed media artists, and weavers may consider incorporating felt into their forms of expression. It makes a beautiful statement about the blending of cultural differences, and the beauty that comes from it.

Currently, 20+ countries are participating in Peace Felt. The International Day of Peace will be commemorated on September 21, 2012.

This year, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon encourages nations, corporations, and individuals to focus on sustainability. Most conflicts in the world center on valuable natural resources like oil, diamonds, water, timber, and gold. By focusing on protecting the environment, and helping to rebuild war ravaged societies, the earth can begin to develop abundance for all.

Many of the felting projects will focus on sustainability and its importance to world peace. Living felt will feature works from participating artists leading up to International Day of Peace.

Registration is from August 1 – 31 of each year. People who wish to participate can sign up at

Operation Bunny Drop is Multiplying Bunnies for Japan!

For a few weeks now we have been promoting OPERATION BUNNY DROP…. and bunnies are now starting to arrive in Japan!
There is still plenty of time to participate, and bring love and hope to children who could really use more hugs and hope right now.


Mission #1:
Operation Bunny Drop

Craft soft and simple bunnies for children in Japan April 1 – May 13th


Register Here


We will be crafting soft and simple bunnies for children in Japan who are recovering from the effects of the recent natural disastors, many displaced and all needing LOVE and HOPE.

This beautiful and inspired project was brought to us by Liz Minnick, a fiber friend currently in Japan.
Liz is in Japan work with youth through a professional circus group. Liz and friends will deliver the
hand-crafted bunnies in late May of 2011

We can accept 2500 bunnies for this project!


Register Here


On our Crafts with Purpose facebook page, we have links
for free bunny patterns that you can sew
or wet felt.

After registering, you will get complete information including shipping address for your bunny.
The bunnies should be 10″ max. in size, sturdy, and without small beads or buttons that could be a choking hazard.

Some of the bunnies who have landed or are on their way…felted, sewn, knit…all made with love.


Angelas bunny -- from Germany


Danielles bunny



Register Here