Needle Felting Easter Eggs – Fun & Easy Free Felting Tutorial


Have fun making a colorful basket of needle felted Easter eggs with
this quick and easy tutorial. This is 2nd in a series of 3 needle felting Easter tutorials. Previously we made “Dot”, our fun little bunny ball. For this project, we used Living Felt Brand CW-1 Core Wool, and MC-1 Merino-Cross Batts.

First start by needle felting your egg shapes out of core wool.
Below is our standard process for needle felting a ball. You can right+click
to save this picture and share it with a friend!



Tear off a small, thin strip of wool and wrap it snugly around the center
of your egg with the final edges overlapping slightly.


Tear off another thin strip and wrap it around the length of your egg. All
white wool underneath should be covered.


Needle felt the wool in place by poking your felting needle in and out, in and out. Work across the entire surface of the egg in several passes (vs spending too much time in one spot), and hold the wool in place as you work. Continue
needle felting until the surface is very smooth and evenly felted. You don’t want it to look bumpy.

For spirals and lines try this: Pull off a long, thin (but even) strip of wool and roll it into a tube by rolling it on your foam or even on your pantleg. Make sure it is an even thickness from end to end.

To wrap a line around your egg, needle felt one end in place and keep tension
on it as you needle felt it in place from one end to the other. Take time
to make the edges nice and neat as you go along, constantly gathering fibers
with your felting needle towards the middle of the line.


For flowers, hearts or similar decoration, pull off tiny tufts of wool and
needle felt each into place one at a time; taking time to needle felt all
loose fibers and tighten up edges before adding the next petal. If too many
fibers are loose when you add more petals, the design is more likely to fuzzy
because the fibers from petal to petal will get entangled.

To add tiny dots and even large polka dots (also a great technique for eyes),
pull off a small tuft of wool, center it over the spot you want it to be and
lightly needle felt it right in the center.


Next, gather the loose fibers by twirling them onto your felting needle.

T then just poke, poke, poke to needle felt them in place. This is an easy
way to make circles and dots!

Use the same line technique above to make spirals.



That’s it! Needle felting so easy once you learn a few basic techniques!
If its not new to you, we hope you will share with and teach someone else!


  1. Just looked through your egg demo, have just started dry needle felting and have made flat flowers, have never made a 3D shape but now am eager to get going now I know how. Also bought a felting machine and need to get used to the different finish it seems to give compared to the multi needle hand tool I have been using (though it does save my arms from aching!!) he he.
    I live in Birmingham, England are you able to put me in touch with anyone local to me to give me some confidence and inspiration/courage as I don’t want to waste too much the Marino wool I have. I have been using synthetic made felt at the moment because it is cheaper to practice with .


  2. Thank you! I just made Dot. That’s my first needle-felted piece and I really enjoyed it. The friction and the ease of shaping was really encouraging. I went to my town’s annual art fair, Art On The Rocks, and there was a booth of felted purses/ rocks/ wall art etc. The framed wet-felted landscapes were what really appealed to me. So, after 6 days of studying on the net, $20, one botched wet-felt and one finger poke, I finished Dot today. Thank you for the easy and encouraging tutorial. Really: thanks.


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