Needle Felted Portrait of Scarlett O’Hara is Pure Beauty!

Needle Felted Picture Portrait of Scarlett O'Hara by Ardene Bjork on

Ardene Bjork of South Carolina is another artist to watch for!
You might recall we recently shared her needle felted picture of a tiger. This image is her tribute to the lovely Scarlet O’Hara
of Gone With The Wind.

Ardene needle felted MC-1 Batts, Merino Top and NZ Corriedale onto a commercial felt background.
It is 9″ x 12″ and 100% needle felted.

“I love the movie Gone With The Wind and I just had to try to reproduce the vintage photograph in wool. There is no wet felting in this portrait as, regretfully, I have not yet learned how to wet felt.  I hope you enjoy her.  It’s as close to Scarlett as I could get in wool.  This painting has also helped me to stop smoking.  The needle felted keeps me so busy it truly has helped.  I get lost in my paintings and hours fly by.”

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