Needle Felted Whales by Sue Stasiowski Featured on

Needle Felted Whale & Calf – Stunning Felted Sea Life

Needle Felted Whale and Calf by Sue Stasiowski Featured on
Sue Stasiowski recently shared some of her brilliant works of art felted with Living Felt wool.

This jaw dropping mother whale and calf  are like none we have ever seen. The brilliant use of color and contrast keep the eye moving and truly bring them to life. The whales each have a thin wire armature from the nose to the tail.  They are mounted a piece of found driftwood, and the sculpture is 11.5″ high x 25″ long x 18″ deep.

Sue shares that these whales “were great fun to make.  The whole piece took about 2 months to finish.  The whales were started with core wool and then different colors of the Merino-Cross Batts were layered on top of one another until I achieved the look I wanted.”

Needle Felted Puffin by Sue Stasiowski Featured on

Sue uses Living Felt CW-1 Core Wool, MC-1 Felting Batts, New Zealand Corriedale and Merino Top. She writes,  “Thank you for all your wonderful wool.  It’s a pleasure to work with it.”
Needle Felted Dolphin by Sue Stasiowski Featured on
 Also by Sue, and featured previously on our blog was a graceful  needle felted dolphin and this incredible blue heron.

Needle Felted Heron by Sue Stasiowski Featured on

See / PIN more pics …PLUS! learn all the colors she used on the heron:  on this post

Sue Stasiowski is a fiber artist who became interested in needle felting after years of making hand knit clothing and blankets. Sue spends most of her time needle felting and knitting in her home studio, and also makes time to experiment with other art forms such as fiber wall hangings, bowls and other three-dimensional sculptures. Her work is sold at Leslie Curtis Designs in Camden. She lives in Camden, Maine with her husband, dog and cat.

You can see more from Sue on her website:

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